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Originally Posted by thegreenmonkey View Post
I'd be a bit more sympathetic to your cause if you didn't resort to using terms like 'fedbear'. That really just makes you sound like a troll. Reasoned thought in your posts, without resorting to name calling will get you more points imo.

Klingons are PvP, it's been advertised at that for quite some time, did you really expect there would be more to it? You wanted PvP you got it, and now they are giving you more content on the PvE side of things. I don't ever remember it being mentioned, I certainly could be wrong about this though, that Klingons would have the same content as the Federation. And I think that's because they are primarily PvP.

If you are not happy with the content then maybe you should rethink how you approach the game itself. Just because there is a minority that like PvP, I've found the majority like the PvE side of STO, and as such PvP will be limited by player choice. Not everyone likes it, I know I'm not a big fan of it, except when it's necessary as STO makes it for the purple gear at RA5, but then I want to get it done as fast as possible, and not have to bother with it again.

That being said, you bring up some good points, and I agree that Klingons need more content. However, they are the PvP faction and so far that seems to be what the focus for Klingons has always been. I've not seen anything that really contradicts that point except the posters on the forums who say, and I paraphrase, 'Wah, there's not enough content for Klingon's, we need moar. We should get this because we say so."

One thing I have to disagree on is open world pvp. I'd rather not see it in STO. It makes progression difficult, especially when lowbies are constantly ganked by the higher levels, which I've found is always the case in that scenario, no matter which game I've encountered it in(***, and **** both come to mind in recent games, Eve for an older one). It always seems to me that those who pvp want to force everyone else to be subject to their play style, and I think this is becasue the majority of players don't like pvp, so when it is an option to pvp most players just don't do it. Thus the pvp player base is limited, and limiting.

Other than that many of your points from the link you posted do have merit, and should be looked into.
Oh no you dont understand.... the Open world pvp would be regulated to ONLY the Neutral Zone just like in the shows <Sorry my bad I should have added that> You are right if they made th ewhole game open world pvp half of its carebear player base would /RAGEQUIT .
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07-19-2010, 01:25 PM
Duplicate thread, closing. Please direct your responses to the first thread that was linked in the starting post.
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