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07-20-2010, 03:25 PM
Originally Posted by Suricata View Post
Look like Dementors from Harry Potter to me :-)
Damn you!
Now Iīll always read&hear it it as "Dementors of Darkness".

BTW check out the link. The Icos have definitely a female vibe to the look.
Creatures that appear whenever itīs least convenient, try to make trouble by doing a he-said, she-said.
Women, nothing but trouble.
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07-20-2010, 04:23 PM
Yeah i was thinking for a while that the mess in the Galaxy is the Iconians fault, there have been some hints in the story.

I thought they are going to come in this season, because another enemy suddenly appearing out of no where, now that factions should be weakened by the war, and the threat of the war ending because of the cease fire in the Borg sector, would make a good moment for them to strike.

But they dont really seam that Iconian to me.
The ships that were shown actually look more primitive ... with what looks like a chemical sublight propulsion system.
And the spiky stuff on them, doesnt look like the Iconian tech shown before.
But it actually looks like one of the (not iconian) artifacts found in exploration missions.

Also the Iconian ship in Taris was very differnt.

Though the enemys shown on ground could possible be just the geneticly engineered cannon fodder of the Iconians.
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# 33 Romulans
07-20-2010, 06:31 PM
Originally Posted by Alextar

Some STO Trailers have really caught my attention...this was not one of them. On overall excitement built from a trailer and content...would give this 3/10.

Looking forward to the next season...Romulan that will be something to write home about.
Today i geeked out while cleaning my kitchen and my laptop found way into the equation.

I listened to an interview with Dan Stahl, Computer Ed did a bang up job and Captain Stahl explained the plan for the next faction.

They want to make faction neutral missions, they want cool trekish missions that fit anyone drifting around the alpha quadrant. Once they have a good deal of those missions they can introduce a new faction and have something ready for folks to do. They already made the Klingons, and well we saw how that went over.

So, we will see some awesome missions first and then the Romulans are coming.

I would guess February, at latest.
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07-26-2010, 02:50 AM
Wow, just another video showing generic fighting. Honestly, this isn't interesting. The first videos showing fights were still exciting for me. When I entered the game and realized, it was exactly that - fight, fight, fight - it was okay, but not so exciting any more. When I know just see more fighting, I'm not excited at all. Give us something more interesting, something really stunning to explore or something. Build up some tension (and serve it within the game, of course), but these ever-ongoing fights don't get me starting the game.
And by the way, please give the ground combat a complete overhaul in animations, mechanics und the quality of the environment. Also and especially for already existing areas. If the fights themselfes get interesting and appealing, it would be a reason for me to play more. But currently, after the second ground mission I'm just happy it's over and quit the game.

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