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Originally Posted by edenquest View Post
I have been a long time subscriber on a paid account. Today I continually recieve this msg and it will fail to load and patch. Here's the one it sais: "Unable to establish connection to Patch Server, Please check your internet connection. If problems persist, please contact Technical support" .....I've tried over and over to restart, etc, all the normal things, yet still the same. I've never had trouble before, and the internet service for everything else is fine. Cant get through to tech support either to even ask anybody or submit a ticket. I pay every month for this game client, and I really think I should expect some help to get me back on. Any tech person please email me at I'd much appreciate the help! Thanks. Acct: quest4eden ... logged in as edenquest
1. Not very smart to post your email on a public forum, nor your account information.

2. This is a peer to peer forum, basically for help from other players. If you're looking for assistance from staff, please use the global tech support forums:

2. Mentioning that you're a long time subscriber isn't going to get your issue addressed any faster.

4. Double posting wasn't necessary and, holy cow, what a necro.
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