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So, sounds have actually been one of the highlights of this game that they've nailed mostly.

However, let's hope that during beta test weekend we can get rid of some annoying things:

1. The Dabo wheel spin needs to go or be a toggle on/off. Spinning high pitch of doom.

2. There's a lady in Quark's that laughs, I kid you not, every 15 second precisely. It's noticeable and takes away from my experience. Let's hope Quark get's some ale in her to change the frequency variability of that or she heads to a holosuite.

Yup, this is completely minor and trivial, I've stopped asking for big stuff cause it ain't happenin.

Oh, probably should make it so turrets and other actions and such can't happen on the Dabo wheel. Heck, no one should be able to stand on Dabo.

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