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07-23-2010, 01:33 PM
Any chance that all the missing items types be added to the exploration mark vendors ever ?

Will the species traits ever be upgradable or be scaling to ones level to make them more useful later in the game ?

Will the playable Borg Captain be available outside the Lifetime subscription ever ?

It was said that no new faction will be added until klingons got more love ( and they need it desperately), so what is the set goal for that ?

Are there any plans to change the skill tree (especially in regards to unreasonable expensive weapon skills) ?
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07-23-2010, 01:34 PM
With only eight episodes coming exclusively for the Klingons spread out over the ranks is there any plan on filling in the gaps? I would love to see a more fleshed-out campaign than what has been promised so far. The "other" faction needs more love than it's currently getting. What's coming out is a start, but it isn't nearly enough.
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# 23 Do you soon envision
07-23-2010, 01:36 PM
More Episodic Epic Space/Ground missions Fit for Fleet actions

I am thinking along the Lines of Undiscovered Country and Insurrection here

A Fleet needs Team building opportunities to grow.. Big Picture Persistence goals and accomplishments.

As we see so much resources diverted to the Klingon Frontier you still have to Staff efforts to maintain a presence within Cardassia and A Emergency Response Force to avert Borg Catastrophe.

In this vain I suggest a Fleet should gain a Special Assignment reward and Small Station as its Space Harbour as it were. .an Forward LP[listening post] Affiliation with a Established AI Fleet Designation..

You PC Fleet would be a Squadron or Task Force assigned to a Fleet as mission reward and Gain some
Patch or banner unlock?

Ground Diplomatic Escorts an Deeper assignments.. The Dominion War of DS9 Being the key SB of Operations was to jazz things up gave lots of deep action around the core cast..

But at CNO Chief of Cryptic Naval Operations you must consider the WWII model of time and space size of fleets and major commands That's Like taking the old SSG War in the Pacific Map and Chit sim and Covering a wall or ping pong table plus with pinned stacks of units and tens of thousands of soldiers sailors and marines.. Logistics is a pain.
Say you can have a ebb and flow to an MMO that isn't Vietnam taking a hill in day to abandon the cost of taking it you know.. Meanign areas on the map you can take and hold as forward bases.
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07-23-2010, 01:43 PM
First off I just wanna say the improvements thus far are comming along nicely.

Now for the questions.

As far as Fleet Actions and teaming goes how are the plans comming along for allowing us to have a true fleet only instance? Will we be able to create groups of more than 5 people to make this process a bit smoother?

I think I remember reading somewhere that there were plans down the line to include fleet Starbases. If this is true when can we expect to see something like this going into effect? (I would really like to see this)

The idea of trait respecing has been mentioned here and there. Is this idea being seriously considered? I know personally there are certain things I would change about my captain and even my bridge officers given the opportunity.

As far as interiors go are there plans to make more room for trophies? Perhaps in our captains quarters or on the Bridge. I think an option to replace our current captains chair with the Q chair would be pretty cool.
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07-23-2010, 01:43 PM
1) There is a video sequence at the beginning of STO. Do you plan to add more of these sequences? For instance a docking sequence when the ship enters for example the ESD for docking?

2) According to the website memory alpha, the Nexus is scheduled to return to federation space in 2410. Any chance to add this phenomenom in kind of a mission?

3) Do you plan to implement the Starfleet Headquarter or the Academy? Beaming down to San Francisco for example would be a fine addition to the game.
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# 26 Sector space revamp
07-23-2010, 01:51 PM

Are there any plans on fully revamping sector space?

Not just cosmetic face lifting - although the new sector's design is very cool, nice job! I'm talking about serious changes to give us the feeling that we're travelling FTL in a vast, open area. I could imagine a "borderless" space (where we don't have separate instances for sectorblocks) with dozens of stars in each sector. Some of these stars could have missions like now, but others could be fully "deserted", just like in trek. They don't have their own civs, or even habitable planets. Captains could enter these systems to do some patrolling on their own, and they would get some random mission, much like in now nebulas. This would give players the feeling that they're travelling into the unknown.
Sorry for the long delineation - I could go on for hours talking about these things. I guess I'm a fan of STO.
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07-23-2010, 01:52 PM
I'd like to hear some feedback regarding ship interior based travel not involving you appearing in two places at once but travel time being simulated through a timer and once the time is up, "warping" to a particular mission entry point similar to how Excelsior is going to "transwarp" to various sectors.

At the very least it'd be nice to hear how interiors are going to be further integrated into the game. They're amazing and deserve to be a huge focal point to game play rather than something for a few token missions and to hang out in while waiting for something to do.

Does the dev team want to see initiating dialog from the captains' chair, reviewing missions from the ready room, selecting an away team from the observation deck and beaming down from the transporter room and what's the scope of integrating that into the game.

Or does the dev team love the new sector space so much that giving us bridge/interior based travel is considered sacrilege since we would be avoiding it :p
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07-23-2010, 01:55 PM
When is the game going to go F2P? With all of the stuff going into the C-Store, it's starting to look like you're considering it somewhere down the line...eventually...
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07-23-2010, 01:56 PM
Sector space for the new sector being added in Season 2 is much cleaner looking, but largely serves no added/improved/changed functionality to the current "pizzabox" sector space we've all come to know and love (read: hate).

Can your team talk about future plans for the Sector Space component of this game, and how you will work to make it more trek-like in vastness, specifically when dealing with "exploring the final frontier"?
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07-23-2010, 01:57 PM
(1) Has a decision been made regarding the proposal for conversion of Merits to C-Store Points, so that things in the C-Store are then (technically) unlockable in-game?
(2) Are you planning any other types of missions for the FDC besides what's up on Tribble?
(3) What equivalents to the FDC are you considering for the Klingons?
(4) So just what IS that secret project?
(5) Is there an ETA or a 'percent complete' for free-roaming exploration?
(6) Is Cryptic looking at ideas for "RvR" (realm-versus-realm) territory control sectors?
(7) What sorts of 'major events' (wars, cosmozoan invasions, HIrogen Grand Hunt, etc.) are you considering?
(8) What are some of your long-term goals for STO? What do you see the state of the game in a year or two? Without making promises, what are some things, resources permitting, you would like to see in the game?
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