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# 1 Attention Machinima Artists!
07-23-2010, 03:55 PM
I've lost touch with some of you guys but I KNOW that we have some talented machinima directors in the community.

So here's my proposal:

Let's get together and design the cinematics we'd like to see in game and see if (like ThomastheCat), we can get featured on podcasts like STOked and possibly get Cryptic to look at adding them. I can do voiceover and lipsynch animations and I'm handy at little demo edits (like putting a Klingon sash on a Federation personnel, mixing and matching haircuts, changing the registry of a ship) but not as skilled with the camera work.

In fact, I have some audio tracks for the Data/Jake Sisko interview from the Path to 2409. The Jake portions are recorded by an actual African-American Star Trek author who has worked for Pocket Books in the past, so there's some neat synergy there. I did Data but I could probably stand to re-record my lines with a better mic. I was just waiting for the addition of ready rooms to make this possible.

I think the big criteria for this (as opposed to standard machinima) would be whether it introduces people to the game or helps define a moment that could use something extra (like the optional promotion ceremonies). Another important thing would be to limit use of assets to what's in-game (ie. only music from the game, no assets from other Star Trek properties like music or photoshopped in likenesses, etc).

Anyone interested in this?

My basic idea is to try to start with a five minute or so intro summing up The Path to 2409 dramatically, starting with Nemesis and visually recapping events up until now. We could divide this up by topic so that each person is just responsible for a set of scenes. Enough people and each person could just focus on doing a really stellar 45 seconds or so.
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# 2
07-23-2010, 04:23 PM
Sounds great Lev! If you need a hand then.......give someone else a shout cos I'm rubbish and wouldn't have a clue lol However, this kind of creativity can only have a positive impact and so I wish you well with it

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