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07-25-2010, 12:30 PM
I would say, and I would say, that what you've writen is by no means rubbish, I found it very interesting. But the point of divergance between our universe and that of the prime mirror universe, was that of the meeting of the Vulcans, a What if instead of welcoming them, we killed them and stole their ship.

After all, alternate universes are born from the decisions and events that occurs relative to our own.

Furthermore, if the point of divergance is so far back in our timeline, the differences almost 2000 years in the future, would lead to huge differences.

The best way to think of it is a graph;
regardless of the graphs finer points, what it serves the purpose of showing what I mean. If time is a constant in both universe, the a difference at 44BC will create a world far different at 2409 relative to a timeline where its divergence is in 2063, and even greater difference than to our own relative universe.

Considering the difference between our own timeline and that of the mirror universe (prime) and it is completely open to interpretation but we can assume that the divergence point is not that far in "our" relative timeline. Of course, by 2409 I would imagine that the mirror universe would be near impossible to recognise as it was in Sisko's era, let alone Kirks.

Anyway, I like the image you portray, I've always liked the idea of a what if the Roman empire hadn't fallen. Keep writing all the same, as it's an interesting alternate universe.
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07-25-2010, 04:56 PM
Love the empire thing n all but, wouldnt the more interesting theory about the Terran Empire come from how it got from how DS9 left it to what it is 30 years down the line, i just find that idea more appealing than the whole 2000 year history bit, just doesnt seem entirely relevant
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07-26-2010, 05:30 AM
no need to "gasp" Ravenstein. while you points may be valid, for this universe, I doubt they would apply to the alternate universe, which this is a history of, and so those events you mention wouldn't have occurred that way, if at all, and not yet complete.

Momiji, Julius Caesar was assinated long after he actually was, tho I havn't specified that in the main text....yet. as I see it, everything in the MU is still somewhat similar, but there are differences. eg; technology advanced with the same type weapons as the main universe, but at the same the, the divergence wouldn't be all that great, except for tech which wouldn't necessarily have advanced at the same rate. at some point it may have been ahead, or behind to some degree. one reason I took this up si that I read on some wiki or other that the divergence occurred in the 1950s. I found that to be too late in Terras history for the Empire to have developped the way it did, atleast sociologically. that kind of hatred and despotism, being so ingrained, couldn't really have happened in less than a 100yr period. another source had it occurring as a result of the borg trying what it tried in the main universe and, again failing, during first contact. at that time the borg would've been totally unaware of Terra on account of there being no Picard to be taken to meet them, simce what's outlined in the novel Mirror Universe: The Sorrow of Empire which describes how Spock, just days after the events in Mirror,Mirror took Kirks advice and brought about the end of the Empire far sooner than Spock had predicted. glad you think it's not rubbish.

AAS0009, the fall of the Terran Empire can be read in the above mentioned book, The Sorrow of Empire which is quite good and should be accepted as more than "soft" canon, being a natural continuation of the Mirror, Mirror episode events. besides, it's In a Mirror Darkly where my history ends, as we know pretty much how things are and later end. I'll leave it for someone else to take up post DS9 Terran Federation which is what Spock intended to replace the Empire after the Alliance destroyed it, and was itself replaced.

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