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I used Abandon Ship a few months ago and it would jettison the escape pods and a few seconds later my ship would self-destruct and inflict damage to any enemies in immediate vicinity. Trying to use Abandon Ship II ability now launches escape pods but no self-destruct or damage as best as I can tell. No damage is done either.

I filed a ticket but nothing has changed in the past two weeks. Is anyone else having this problem?

(Important side note: on the reporting bugs feature the search never--and I mean never--finds anyone else with a similar proble, no matter how generic the terms I use are).
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07-26-2010, 02:33 PM
Read the patch notes.

Abandon ship was altered some time ago so that it'll ONLY work when you're near an enemy ship, using the ability when there is no enemy ship around will cause your escape pods to jettison but nothing more. This was done to stop the pathetic griefing of lower level players by higher level players in Earth Sector.
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07-26-2010, 03:36 PM
Ah, excellent, I tested it out on a Borg Tac Cube and it's working. I guess I was just out of range previously.

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