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# 1 Photonic Bridge Officer bugs
07-26-2010, 04:24 PM
Hi, there's some bugs with the photonic bridge officer. I have confirmed these bugs seem to occur for other players.

*Photonic Bridge Officer does not appear on bridge, ever. I have tried all bridges, and all combinations and deletions of other officers, and the photonic bridge officer appear to be OFFLINE while on the bridge. We worked fairly hard to recruit friends for this game, and I'd like to see the spoils of my labors. If there's any kind of genre reason for him being offline or off the bridge, then a reasonable solution would be to stick him in sickbay, or to stick him in a non-working (i.e., standing thoughtful) position.

*Some design differences between photonic bridge officer and tutorial EMH. I believe the "you can't alter your photonic's features" to be a fun restriction, but at least get the features right! The EMH in the tutorial was slightly different. I can't post photos at the moment, but I've gone back and can confirm that the tutorial EMH had a different hairstyle (short, vulcan-like) pointed ears and slanted eyebrows.

I'm pretty sure it was said that this was supposed to be the EMH template from the tutorial, and good old Zack Quinto Hologram has a special place in all our hearts given his mentoring to us in our early days. Please adjust the hair, ears and eyebrows accordingly, as we cannot.

*Also, the photonic is listed as a "photonic photonic male" double-photonic there.

More than anything, though, I think we should be able to see this bridge officer on our bridge, or preferably in our sickbay.

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