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# 1 PvP Diplomacy?
07-26-2010, 10:52 PM
I had a thought (I often do) and decided to post an idea.

What if STO had a system for PvP Diplomacy? I know, non-combat PvP? Crazy, right?

But what if it were story-driven? For example... An alien race controls some resource that other factions want. There are some number of key politicians whose influence could bend the negotiations to one side or the other. The side that controls a certain number of the politicians first wins the scenario and gets some kind of reward. Maybe a consumable item that gives a buff in combat PvP.

Controlling the politicians could be done in any number of faction-appropriate ways: persuasion, flattery, negotiation, intimidation, bribery, assassination, favors (mini-missions offered), etc. Each politician would be subject to their own specific influences. (One individual is subject to intimidation or bribery while another is subject to either persuasion or assassination, etc.) Control can be flipped to the other side, as well, if a politician is converted, subverted, or eliminated (depending on the individual).

There would have to be some provision for controlling members of the opposing team to prevent them from acting. Perhaps clicking on an opposing player to issue a challenge which initiates some kind of honor duel or mini-game chosen by the challenged party. The loser of the challenge is rooted for some short interval, leaving their team temporarily short a member.

I haven't worked out all of the flaws in this notion of mine, just a wild idea for the distant future of STO. I would not want to see anything of the sort rolled out before the combat PvP system is vastly improved and other factions are introduced. But it would bring out the tactical element of diplomacy.
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# 2
07-27-2010, 08:45 AM
Crazy idea, which I'd love to see, but I doubt we'd ever see, not even in a BioWare game.
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# 3
07-27-2010, 12:58 PM
you propose a peace treaty?! :O

Request denied!

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