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07-27-2010, 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by Danimagic View Post

my first experiences with the new patch:

First of all I took a look at my ships interiors and I must say, awsome! No matter all the ships look the same, but great improvement as everything looks nice and matching Star Trek.

After that I tried to do my daily in B'Tran... I wasn't able to load any mission as I lost connection after about 5 minutes of loading screen.. then i went back to Sol did some stuff and then tried the Delta Volanis for maybe new missions... again, I disonnected after a huge load of waiting. (Tried 5 times.) Maybe It's because the server was crouded like hell, maybe there's an issue...

After all I can say, big plus was that when I disconnected this morning the download of the patch started about 4 hours before the patch was applied, JUST AWSOME! no waiting time for downloads, when everyone goes online after server is back, but no missions... well i will wait for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow if it will work then.

So big Plus and a little minus for the patch. Let's hope it's just a minor lag-issue. Still thnx Cryptic for the improvements. can't wait for diplomacy ^^

Btw, why do I have to help others to get some accolades for missions I already did during my career?


T'Rise / Mira
This was issue on tribble too when they put 2.0 there. and still no fix.
Is there any new game out? thats why you put this bug on holodeck so fast without fixes?
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07-27-2010, 06:34 PM
ok so after about 5hrs hours and 10 PC lock ups and 5 games crashes i get pc give me a error thanks to this piece of crap patch for atleast why i cant get visuals. my updated nvidia drivers crash everytime it logs in. THANKS cryptic!!!!. i even tried the beta and got the same reaction so this is BS. Fix this now
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07-27-2010, 06:58 PM

You did post this in the bug section before flaming up here? Filled out an intelligible crash report?
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07-27-2010, 07:14 PM
Sighhh, ok will try and download this as I sleep then.
Hope it works, and I wonder what the new patch is later on today ???
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07-27-2010, 08:08 PM
yeah and no reply
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07-27-2010, 08:42 PM
Originally Posted by doorsfloyd View Post
yeah and no reply
crash reports are rarely answered, unless they have a suggestion for you to try that applies only to you (which is pretty rare) Best thing to do, as hard as it may seem in the heat of the moment is to post a well thought out calm report of what happened with pertinent details and maybe your peers or a Dev can lend a helping hand with some info or trouble shooting.

Most of all, remember. Each time the game is patched there is lag and some crashing to be expected the first day sometimes 2. You likely are not alone in your frustration so handling the situation appropriately gets resolution for your and likely others as well.
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07-27-2010, 09:01 PM
Great new low price of $20 and congrats on getting out all the great new Season 2 content. I just did a quick verbal announcement to my co-workers and let them know about the news. Here's hoping that I can finally get some of that referral goodness.

Does anyone know if the 500 bonus skill points we can get from Wal-mart with this new price is a good buy? I always wanted to get the client to give my low level characters a boost, but I think $20 is likely too much to pay. Kind of overkill actually. :p
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07-27-2010, 09:51 PM
Stardock link

Price 23.09
DDE Bonus + Playable Federation Race: Pakleds

D2D link

Price $ 29.95
DDE Bonus + Playable Federation Race: Ferengi

Gamestop link

Price $ 19.99
Should be have DDE Bonus (but it's not clearly stated) + Playable Federation Race: Caitians

Steam link

Price 49.99
Standard edition (no DDE) + Playable Federation Race: Tellarite + Steam-exclusive Phaser Turret

or link

Price 59.99
DDE Bonus + Steam-exclusive Phaser Turret (no Tellarite)

A lot of difference in prices, or some of them has yet to update the offer?
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07-28-2010, 12:26 AM
Originally Posted by Timper
For those who read my all know that I am usually one to jump to defence of the DEVs, but someone really scrood the pooch on this patch. My client has crashed 3 times since launch. has crashed at least a dozen times from this patch.

Cause: Your graphics settings may be too high, please adjust your graphics and try again.

My graphics are at the absolute minimum now. It still grashed from graphics, and in the middle of mission none-the-less

My system exceeds the minimums on the retail box. Why can't I run your client Cryptic????? Why can't I play the game I have invested hundreds in???? I can't afford a new computer, I'm stuck with what I got, and you go and change the graphics so that I can't play??? Please tell me it's a mere oversight, and it will be corrected ASAP. I can deal with long loading screens, I can deal with sub-par graphics, but now......I crash, for no reason, while sitting in sector space.......I crash in the middle of combat.....all of it, graphics related. Not a DC, not a huge lag......just crash.

If this is a ploy to force people to upgrade compnents from those you have deals with.....ok......then have them send me a new puter that will run the game......if this is going to be a permanant change, please post so I can make appropriate adjustments to my account.

A devoted fan of STO, and Star Trek
I don't want to leave, or cancel......but if I can't use my current system can I continue to play??
Agreed! I have a high-end machine rated currently 5.9 in the Intel index, the processor has eight cores with 2.90 GHz each, a high-end video card from Envidia which is DX11-capable, 12 Gix of ram, and so on. It's definately NOT our end of the problem, it's THEIR end of the problem. So, don't worry about your PC and just relax until today's maintenance is done which will most likely be 3 to 4 hours just to fix everything that went wrong yesterday.

I for example got three crashes (I just tried three times) in DSE's when it said the Galaxy class texture in texture3.hogg is corrupted and the game had to be closed. Right now everything is just a big mess, as it has always been after a major patch upload (Remember Season 1? Remember first game launch?) or a major restart of the server after a long maintenance. We will survive it. I personally just hope that my mouse arrow lag will eventually cease after 2 months of playing Season 1.
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07-28-2010, 12:46 AM
Well...for once, Cryptic has gotten to, and resolved a ticket in 12 to the bad news.

It would turn out that my graphics card is no longer supported. One day after I payed my subscription fee, I can no longer play STO.

Did I miss the post that they would be improving graphics at the expense of alienating the player base???

Where is it? I feel utterly betrayed by Cryptic at this point. I truely love this game, and Star Trek......and now.....I have to upgrade my system, a Gateway Laptop, which I haven't been able to upgrade in years......I can't afford a new computer, and won't be able to for the foreseeable future. Prior to the season two patch, I had no issues with the game, and I have played every day since OB went online.

I will miss this game, as I have made new freinds, explored strange new RPs and blowing up some Klingons.

I hope things certainly do change for the better with this game, I would like to be able to play again once I can get a new system.

Would someone please tell me what sense it would make to alienate a group of dedicated fans?? Is this profitable??? I would really like to know what purpose it serves to do this.

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