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Originally Posted by The-Eraser
so in the 21st century we can lock on a forward target and kill 6 at once, but in 300 years we won't beable to target anything except for what is in front of us? Also by this logic an airplane has to fly forward so it makes sense that it can only target those that are infront of it... In space you are no longer dominated by only flying forward. You can fly back ward, upward, or just move to your right. it would then make sense to be able to target enemies from any direction.

but what about the latest version of the apache... the Long Bow apache can receive targeting data from each other and do not need to peak out to fire. they can recieve the data and fire from behind cover of trees and hill tops while only one squadmate is high enough so his mast radar dish is above the tree tops.
Space combat is not the same as air, nor sea, nor underwater combat. The nature of the ST propulsion systems requires a ship to have a front end and to move forward mainly. They don't have 6 impulse engines on a ship, each one facing a different direction. They have 1-2-3 all pushing the same way. Also, theres the need to create efficient ships. Having engines that don't do anything 90% of the time is a waste if resources. Firing torpedoes in directions that are hard to be accurate in is another thing.

Also, in the game, you can multi target using fire at will. See how much damage you do? it's not much is it? Focus firing is needed to take out an enemy, and a group of enemies. Does you no good to severely damage 3 out of 3 enemies when you still die.

Also, fighter combat isn't comparable. A tomcat is going to go down from a direct hit from a missile. A starship can sustain many hits, just as cruisers and carriers can today.
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Originally Posted by SP3CTREnyc
1. You don't want to fire a torpedo and have it hit a nacelle or start turning prematurely in the tube.

2. Torpedo maneuverability is a huge issue as well. For something traveling with a high velocity and rate of acceleration it would need to expend an enormous amount of energy to turn in vacuum. Missiles can turn more accurately in atmosphere because of the flow of air passing over stabilizing fins. The same reason submarines cant fire torpedoes reliably underwater is why ST ships can't fire them reliably from any angle in space.

3. Ship maneuverability in Star Trek is not as it is in reality. You can't flip over or spin because the nature of impulse and warp drive prevents it. Watching the Enterprise-D navigate the asteroid field in Booby Trap shows how unwieldy starships can be.

4. Enemy ships can still be targeted and maintained as you dip behind an asteroid. You could reasonably peek up and fire torpedoes all day so long as the target remains stationary.

5. The deflector dish and sensor arrays are positioned close to the ships hull so as to prevent damage from battle or stellar debris, negating your final point.
response to
1. we solved the whole torpedo hitting yourself during world war II when one of our submarines sank itself. Torpedoes are also not armed till they reach a distance from your own vessel... You don't want your own torpedo hitting something that is inside your own shields and detonating right under the saucer section.

2. Removing an objectís mass (anti-gravity) negates its inertia of an object and would allow even the smallest of push to send a torpedo into any direction. This is what the internal dampeners do on the enterprise. Without these the sudden jump from a standstill to half impulse or into warp drive would throw everything against the back bulkhead and liquefy every living being.

3. referring to my number two i will concede that the enterprise would not be capable of flipping on its axis and fly backwards(size and mass), but smaller vessels such as the defiant and other like escorts should be able to flip end over end. After all itís not the impulse engines that turn the ship but the thrusters.

4. Yes but do to a flaw in the game beam weapons can also pass through that same asteroid.

5. The deflector dish and sensors are two separate systems... yes there are numerous references to what the deflector dish can do but its primary purpose is to deflect particles from the ship. Notice that the shields are not always up on the enterprise... Picard must order shields to be raised when they go into battle. So what happens to all the stuff that is flying around in space... because you do know that space isn't exactly empty? Itís full of gasses, and other materials such as micro-meteorites. These things pose a very dangerous hazard to ships flying at speedÖ If I take a bullet from a gun and throw it at you it may hurt but it wont kill you, taking that same bullet and shooting it at you would kill you. The deflector dish creates a field around the ship to deflect these particles around the ship. Without this your armor would be decimated after just a few seconds of warp speed. The sensors run the complete perimeter of the star ship (Star Trek: The Next Generation: Technical Manual.) How else is the enterprise supposed to detect an anomaly or cloaked vessel behind it?
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Originally Posted by Democratus View Post
So it's cannon and reflects the look and feel of Trek.
So would that be of the Howitzer type?

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