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I left a while after launch, it wasn't that I hated the game, it was that the Klingon faction was incomplete, and at that time had no signs of ever getting anything interesting.

I love the Fed side missions and story, I play maybe an hour on the Fed for some story, then switch to grinding the same old find 5 of these or kill 5 of these Klingon exploration missions.

Season 2 and beyond with the weekely episodes finally offers me some much needed Klink story lovin.

I still believe though that it would be a fantastic idea to give players the ability to create holodeck missions and upload them to say memory alpha.

I fact crafting holo missions could be a crafting game all of its own let me explain:

--- Imagine a player has a holo recorder type device in his inventory, it can "capture" holographic data from missions that player embarks on
example : in a task force it could capture an image of a borg drone.

---the player the goes to memory alpha and finds out from an npc what materials he will need to reconstruct that drone image for use in a holo mission.

---After the player has gathered enough materials and created his images he can then implant them into a holodeck mission disc (via a mission editor like another superhero mmo uses with good sucess)

--- After tailoring the dailogue and creatures inside the mission he can then go to quarks and add it to the holosuites.

---Players then can go to quarks, and for some small fee they can try out the mission.

---during the mission players can earn xp for defeating the creatures inside it based on the character level and a cryptic assigned image xp reward.

--- once the mission is over, players can then "rate" the mission based on some factors like story, length, pacing, action etc... thus policing and regulating xp farming missions etc.

just an idea but i think it would give players much more to do while they wait each week, and also create a good social hub.
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07-27-2010, 08:18 PM
Season 3 is getting player created missions and should be out in time for the holidays.

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