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With the upcoming Emblems that are obtainable mostly through daily missions, it is going to take more or less two months to get all three ships with the current system. One thing is making the cash store an option for those who don't have the time or the stamina to farm for their goals. But another thing is making it the only option for those who don't want to wait for so long.

I already paid US$350,00 for this game (money i couldn't give up lightly, since i'm still struggling to make ends meet) and the justification for myself was that i wouldn't need to expend another dime in this game. And now if i want to be able to freely choose between Galaxy, Defiant and Intrepid at tier 5 i'll need to either shell out more money or boringly play for two months with a time-limit?

Why can't i just at least farm non-stop for 90 hours straight with a poopsock? Not everyone is willing to do that you know...

I still defend STO against the doomsayers and trolls, and trust the executive producer.. but doing both these things is getting harder and harder each month, and i think most people will agree...

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