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1-After the patch, randomly (especially if i have more than 2 characters, the game crashes to desktop upon clicking on one of my character in the char selection screen.
THIS NEVER* happened before the patch

2-New graphical anomalies in the starter areas!
Here is the link:

Notice something out of the ordinary, maybe?
I mean the Borg Cube of course.
i played the game before and created lotsa chars, and never have i seen a cube looking like that until now.
So whatever it is, it didnt exist until the latest patch applied, imo.

i tried tinkering with my graphics options, but nothing seems to effect it.
I got the latest drivers for my graphics card and whatnot, and it used to look just fine before the patch.

This does not happen when im flying in the space with my ship, but when im walking around with my character,
I can provide some other screenshots from other places in the newb area with similar graphical anomailes. (for example when you beam on the the Khitomer)

Any help would be appriciated, and i hope this graphical artifact/ whatever it is - is only limited to the new player exprience areas and not beyond.

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