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Don't know if there's a thread on this yet but I found several bugs after the latest patch ( Season Two: Ancient Enemies).

While on Rolor nebula I was unable to beam down to planet system 1225c even when I click down on the beam down icon (did this 3x). I exit out of the system and went back again to 1225c and when I clicked on beam down then it takes me to another system. In this system, another mission comes along to defeat terran empire and it says to kill 5 enemies and 3 remains even though I haven't done a single killing.
Then, I just moved my ship a little and was given ~200 experience points for nothing just like that.

Also, in the same Rolor Nebula, there's a facility called XiBootis r916 Lambda. While I beamed down to the base there's a mission to eliminate enemies. My character cannot move and gets stuck in the base.

I did not have any problems whatsoever before the patch and put two tickets already in less than one hour. However, devs don't seem to pay attention to these tickets.

This new patch is doing some crazy things to the game. Is anybody else experiencing problems with this patch....

Is there a fix to the patch in the works?

Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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07-29-2010, 10:03 PM
i think its a lag issue, seems to be alot of it in clusters, its prob due to the increased traffic over normal levels due to people doing FDC, ive had it a few times and noticed when swaping gear out on ground crew whilst on the ground that it doesnt look like it swaps the gear over but it has but hasnt registered just yet.

see if you can jump to a dif instance of the zone and if that fixs it for you.

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