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I am writing to say that first of all, I am somewhat pleased by what I have been seeing in the game for the season 2 update (as far as content goes). I do on the other hand by playing both sides (yes, I already have leveled 2 characters have a growing list of things I see as bugs are concerned and was wondering if anybody else had these problems.

1. Trophy display on the Klingon and fed side: The 4th shelf will not display ships or accolades.
2. Occasionally on the Klingon ship I have noticed on the interior of the messhall that the door will open but the image of it still remaining closed is there. That being said...Where is the crew in the messhall? There is NOBODY there...Make some fighting klingon, or drunken klingons eating gagh!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Azlesa expanse and Btrans Elite/VA levels are bugged. Game will sometimes crash upon entering a map, or sometimes it takes 5 minutes for me to enter a map, which in most cases (since I like to do exploration) ends up in a bugged map. ESPECIALLY on the klingon side (i.e: maps with no baddies on ground combat...kill 5 enemy groups...etc).
4. Lag is absolutely terrible. I used to rubberband with occasionally on the holodeck. Now, I not only rubberband once every 2-3 minutes, I as well Keep getting the red notice of server not responding. The error seems to get longer and longer. The longest instance was last night at 40 seconds. This rarely if ever happened to me before the patch. I have defragmented, checked the internet connection, etc, etc, etc. ***Please investigate this*****

Besides the aforementioned, I am somewhat pleased with the content for season 2. Now, if I could only get a T5 Vor' Cha for my klingon........There are cookies AND milk in it for the devs if they get it to me

Keep your responses clean...

Thanks for the input/feedback, etc...

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