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So I havent played my fed very much since I hit RA5 and now im try'n to lvl him up but I cant find the new contacts. I have a giant list of contacts and im not sure which ones are meant for RA5+. I dont mind doing some of those old quests but I think i want to go get some of the new action.

If anyone could give me a name or point me in the rite direction, that would be awesome.

I thank you all ahead of time.
Lt. Commander
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07-29-2010, 09:16 PM
So the only new thing I have been able to do is the diplomatic quests. But the contact I had on test on my contact list isn't there on live. I have to find/hunt down the contacts and talk to them. So far I have only found/done the one in vulcan.

Aside from that the I have no new quests at all. I had to do old exploration quests to get to RA6. I hoped that when I hit RA6 I would get a new contact or mission of some sort... but nothing at all.

I tried to contact a GM but it wasn't much help. I wrote that I wasn't able to find any new missions or contacts and then did the vulcan diplomacy quest and he wrote back "We are happy you solved this on your own" I edited the ticket sometime this morning and have not gotten a response or help since.

I think I am officially begging for help. I know I'm doing something wrong, just no clue what it is.

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