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# 1 Season 2 Bugged Alien BOs?
07-30-2010, 12:09 AM
I was going through my Bridge Officers to check out something and I stumbled upon something odd, two of my Alien Bridge Officers had 2 of the same traits!

I had these Bridge Officers since STO launched and I'm very positive they didn't have two of the same traits

My Alien Engineering Officer now has Superior Cold Dwelling and Cold Dwelling. And my Alien Tactical Officer now has Cold Blooded and Basic Cold Blooded.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but prior to Seson 2, there was no "Cold" Resistance, only Fire and Plasma Resistance. And Breen in the Klingon Content uses cold attacks, so thats why I'm convinced this was a Season 2 bug.

Well on a positive note, if I run into Breen on my Federation Character, I know the BO to use. He will have the +70 Immunity to Cold, Roots, and Snare resistance.

Though hate losing their attack buffs.

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