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Ground Combat is just not fun. Bridge Officers can effectively be replaced by a weak PBAoE DoT/HoT ability. As a Science Officer, it takes too long to get through ground spawns, and the skill point rewards for time spent pale in comparison to ship combat.

Another issue is, I hold all the aggro. None of my Bridge Officers can out aggro me (and I have Orion Tactical Officers). Plus, enemy NPC's, when focus fired on me, blow through my shields while my team, when I focus fire on anything tickle them.

My suggestions to fix are simple:
* Increase Bridge Officer damage (at least double what they have now).
* Increase Skill Point rewards for ground combat.

One of the worst things about being a Klingon is fighting mostly Federation NPC's. You get Federation Medics and Engineers in there who out heal my DPS and each individual one basically needs to be focus fired by my whole team, and I run 3 Tac Officers and an Engineer. As a Science Officer, with a Medic kit, if I concentrated mostly on healing, nothing would die.

I dunno, PvE is in a very sad state, when I can step away for 5+ minutes during a PvE encounter, and come back to nothing being changed except the positions all the NPC's are in. It's at the point where I've avoided it and decided to just spec for mainly space combat now. However, it's nice to have the change, and there are still a few things worth being decent at ground combat for, but at this point it's just too... not fun or worthwhile.

My guess is that BO ground PvE was at one point nerfed because people could indeed just walk away or not pay attention while their BO's did all the work. However, it shouldn't be as hard as it currently is on "Normal" mode. The current state seems like I'm playing on Elite for ground combat only... I'd hate to actually see Elite mode though.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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07-31-2010, 11:51 PM
Well at the very least, as a KDF faction, I get scantily clad Orion girls. Still, ground combat is just not fun.

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