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07-30-2010, 07:31 PM
Just a thought,
But I'd like to see my Chief of Engineering in Engineering. That would be fab. And I guess someone like a Science officer in Sickbay etc.

I suppose that would lead to having to designate officers to certain duties. I think that could be interesting. I know there is another thread on XOs and No1s. But, what about Chief Medical Officers and Engineers. Or Navigators/Helmsmen. That'd be really Star Trek, but I suppose something that will come with time.

Doesn't everyone Star Trekky wish to have a crew to man their ship, and nominate who does what?
Lt. Commander
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08-01-2010, 08:13 AM
I suggested a tool to assign BOs/ NPCs to stations and give them titles both on the bridge and specific powers or skill that pertain to there job, I also suggested a NPC uniform for each class (tactical, science, engineering), and a BO Roster that would let you retain 30 BOs as you main crew and unnamed NPC would be able to be assigned to areas.

Titles would include:
1st Officer
Operations Officer (OPS)
Chief Medical Officer (Doctor)
Transporter Chief
Chief Engineer
Or a blank to enter you title

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