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Ok let me begin by saying I know Cryptic isn't going to read this or do anything about it but well... I just wanted to make some sggestions anyway. I started thinking about the Klingon houses recently and fell upon the notion that we don't actually have the option to join and or choose one. Although we do get 'assigned' to worf's house in the new mission chain. Then it struck me that the whole game, feds and Klingons alike could be improved a bit at a time by the following enrichment programme. Offer racial / factional mini episodes.

The idea is that at some early point, with the option of more later of course, you run a mission and pick a team. For some peoplethat might be a racial thing - like Orions or Gorn, and for others it might be generic. Some could even have cross overs.

So taking the houses as an exmaple. At some point when you have established yourself - say captain (an arbitrary choice here no reason to stick with it) you get approached by the chancellor who asks informs you of your growing fame and tells you about the reps of the houses. You go chat to them and make a chocie. To start with it could be as simple as that. Later on, of course, it would be nice if they had unique stores or access to special training, or better still a house prestige which worked like fed diplo points. It would also be nice if at joining the house you could receieve special training and get a unique ability/skill/power.

Racially speaking this could well apply to feds too. You do the same thing just at a different level. Orions & Gorns might have access to two groups within the race as a starting point - seperatists & unionists or something. What these factions should definietly get is access to a racial specific ship. Make it the tier 5 varety which seems to be the ship type they plan to use widely and just spread the diversity around.

These things could be started very simply with just some basic episode where you make the choice. Over time this can be expanded incrementally.

Of course, it would be great to see options for inter-house combat, rivarly and competition between the houses but that, I realise takes time and planning to implement.

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