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immediately after the season 2 patch i have been having an issue with distant objects/surfaces on tutorial/ groud missions where if an object is a little too far away, its sort of colored in a white-ish hue AND HENCE, REALLY LOOKS OUT OF PLACE.

I know its related to the ''world detail distance'' in the options menu, because it appears that none of the other setting is adjusted effect it any way.

The problem is that i set the detail distance to MAXIMUM (as usual) AND STILL some objects like the borg cube seen outta the window ( ) in tutorial etc. look totally wierd like its covered in milk or something,

So it appears that the new patch somehow distorted / bugged the ''world detail distance'' option and thus i need to SET IT HIGHER than it is allready possible in the options screen in order to remove the white hue (whatever its called in professional terms).

So my question is;
1-Does anybody know how to tinker with the game's graphics OPTIONS without logging into the game,
SUCH AS A Cfg. file so that i can set it manually?? (most single players have this option although i dunno about mmo's)
2-In general, anybody else notice this bug.... (appeared after season 2)
3-Any solutions or ideas you might think of?
Thank you in advance!

Its not the end of the world, i just wanna get it fixed, but if not,,,,,, meh i guess i can live with that, its just ''bugging'' me is all ;D
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08-02-2010, 01:17 PM
Just a little update;
I have asked several other players (well, only 3, actually) IF they are ALSO seeing the same graphical bug that i am experiencing, and all of them confirmed that they do. So i guess im not the only one with this lil'issue right now..
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08-04-2010, 09:56 PM
C:\Program Files\Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live\Localdata\Gameprefs.Pref

Also has a few settings that aren't listed in the game but are functional, so play if you want. As always make a backup, though I'm sure if you delete it, the game'll probably create a new one anyways though I haven't tried it myself. Some of the settings will revert to their max cap if an improper value is inputed if I remember correctly. At any rate play around if you really want to, though for one I don't think that'll be all too likely to fix it and two Cryptic probably won't provide support should anything go catastrophically wrong.
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08-06-2010, 07:35 AM
Thank you for the reply!
But it seems after patching the game today, MY PROBLEMS ARE NO LONGER VIABLE, as it appears that cryptic finally fixed the graphics issue on their own,
So;Thank you, cryptic!
Now i can finally be back to my seat in bridge!

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