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Hey guys, your friendly, neighborhood SpiderMitch here! What started out as a simple concept: create a shipchart that showed 'multiple angles of each ship & the stats of those ships' has become a major project. I've been developing these charts since June of 2010, and was urged to post it on the forums from some friends around August of 2010. The reaction I got was phenomenal, and as the game continues to grow, so has the attention to my 'little graphical shipchart'. Members of the community have helped me in keeping these things up-to-date and accurate, and it's to that community which I gladly share my little contribution to STO. Please feel free to use this forum to leave any feedback, kudos, or corrections...

Like the charts? Use them often? Send me some Cryptic Points! CLICK THIS YELLOW TEXT to purchase Cryptic Points & send the code to the following in-game mail: @spidermitch & Thanks for supporting these charts & my STO addiction!!!

You can also donate some Dilithium in-game, just search for the mission "Spidermitch Ship Chart Donation" Go to the console right outside ESD teleporters & use it to quickly resolve the mission & donate what you can!!!

STO FEDERATION Ship Tier Chart v8.1.6
  • Future FED chart changes:
    • Change angles on Exploration & Assault Cruisers to match the rest of the chart
  • Most recent FED Chart Changes
    • FED v8.1.5 - v8.1.6 (6/17/12):
      • Added device slot count on the Adv Odyssey Just stuck it at the top for lack of better placing LOL
      • Corrected prices of Lieutenant Commander FED ships, it is 15 000 dilithium, not 40k (thx Toiva)
      • Resized entire chart to accomidate for new VA tier column
      • Added Heavy Escort Carrier section with stats
      • Added new Shield UI HUD element and stat for Oddy, Atrox and Armitage
    • FED v8.1.3 - v8.1.4 (5/5/12):
      • Recreated Advanced Odyssey Cruiser section: moved Subclasses to the right, Broke apart all consoles, Changed color of console backdrops, & grouped with Subclasses
      • Add the Caitian Atrox Carrier LCARsish section & stats
      • Correct positions of some of the class lines
      • Correct Star Cruiser impulse stat (15)
      • Correct Tactical Escort - Retrofit impulse stat (20)
    • FED v8.1.2 (4/16/12):
      • Removed all Shuttles / Fighters (they are now on the SS Ship Chart - see below)
      • Replaced Odyssey pics (2nd year anniversary giveaway) with Odyssey Advanced Cruiser (c-store ship) pics
      • Modified Odyssey subclass config sections
    • FED v8.1.1 (3/29/12):
      • Added Subclass information to Odyssey Advanced Cruiser & Stat changes.
    • FED v8.1.0 (2/27/12):
      • Added Yellowstone section, stats, angles
      • Moved and corrected some stuff on Shuttlecraft row
    • FED v8.0.8 - v8.0.9 (2/20/12):
      • Revamped background of Cardassian Galor section
      • modified bkg of Magellan
      • Replaced all ship pictures of Advanced Escort, Fleet Escort, Star Cruiser, Recon Science Vessel, & Deep Space Science Vessel / all classes with newer HQ shots & angles. (still have Exp Cruisers & Assault Cruisers to go)
  • Link to Archived FED Chart Changes

STO Shuttle & Special Ship Chart v1.1.2
  • Upcoming SS chart changes
    • Replace Ferengi Na’Far Shuttle price text to icon of Lobi Crystal
    • Replace Ferengi Na’Far Shuttle HUD icon with correct ship silhouette
    • Add Caitian Stalker Fighter to chart
  • Most recent SS Chart Changes
    • KDF v1.1.1 - 1.1.2 (05/02/12 - 05/03/12):
      • Added Cross-Faction ship: Ferengi D’Kora
      • Added Cross-Faction Shuttle: Ferengi Na’Far Shuttle
    • KDF v1.0.1 - v1.0.8 (04/13/12):
      • Corrected Yellowstone crew (5 not 4)
      • Altered colors & KDF banner
      • Added 02 flag for second year anniv text for Bortas
      • Added Bortas (2nd Year Anniversary give away)
      • Added Odyssey (2nd Year Anniversary give away)
      • Added KDF Shuttles / Fighters
      • Added FED Shuttles / Fighters
      • Added Cross-Faction Ships (Jem'Hadar Bug & Cardassian Galor)
      • Corrected Jem'Hadar Attack Ship Crew (50 not 300)
  • Link to Archived SS Chart Changes

  • Upcoming KDF chart changes
    • Still need the following console / wep icons: ChTang, Varanus
  • Most recent KDF Chart Changes
    • KDF v6.1.6 (4/10/12):
      • Replaced Bortasq (2nd year anniv giveaway) pics with Bortasqu' (c-store) & subclass configs & stats
      • Removed JemHadar & Cardassian Galor sections (will be moved to the upcoming SS Chart)
      • Removed Shuttlecraft & Fighter sections (will be moved to the upcoming SS Chart)
      • Added Console for Scourge Destroyer
    • KDF v6.1.5 (2/19/12):
      • Corrected most usability text on all console infos
      • Added Galor Section Stats & Shots (thx to Framesplicer of the 12th Fleet for the shots!)
      • Resized JemHadar section
    • KDF v6.1.4 (2/12/12):
      • Added VA ship: Bortas pics, stats & backdrop
      • Changed KarFi backdrop
  • Link to Archived KDF Chart Changes

External Community Feedback
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# 2
08-02-2010, 08:39 PM
While that file is HUGE, it's also totally awesome.

Now you just need to do the same thing with the Klingons, and you'll be a hero to any forum-goer with sufficient bandwidth to enjoy the charts
Lt. Commander
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# 3
08-02-2010, 08:54 PM
man you outdid yourself with that one....very nice man
Lt. Commander
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# 4
08-02-2010, 08:56 PM
Nice work, but you really should give credit to the person whose original image you modified. It's only polite.
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# 5
08-02-2010, 09:06 PM
great love it well done but gal -X weapons 4 front 3 back
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# 6
08-02-2010, 09:07 PM
Originally Posted by spidermitch View Post
Okay guys, I've created a Graphical Federation Ship Tier Chart. It's based on Suricata's original Ship Tier Chart (and I even included a credit to him on the pic). The main difference is that instead of one side profile shot of the ship, there are screenshots of each angle of the vessels. I've even included the C-store ships and the new Vice Admiral retrofit ships.

Known Issues:
Missing side / top / front shots of Imperial class - If anyone would post it, I will be happy to add it. Just take shots in the ship creator matching the angles like the ships already present on the chart.

TOS Constitution Light Cruiser - Could someone verify the hull / device slots / turn rate / crew are the same as the other starting ships?

I'll be working on keeping this chart up-to-date, and will add more info as the need arises.

Current Version:
STO Graphical Ship Chart v1.8

P.S. I don't normally post anything anywhere, but my buds pushed me to put this up... so be nice
Thanks everyone. I can't wait to hear your feedback!
The TOS Constitution has 20% More hit points and 2 engineering console slots.
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# 7
08-02-2010, 09:19 PM
Originally Posted by Matunus
great love it well done but gal -X weapons 4 front 3 back
Good catch! Corrected & re-uploaded.
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# 8
08-02-2010, 09:20 PM
Originally Posted by Cpt.William2 View Post
The TOS Constitution has 20% More hit points and 2 engineering console slots.
Added info under the "Light Cruiser / Starter Ship" section (in the little LCARS branch-off from that ship)
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# 9
08-02-2010, 09:36 PM
Very good ship chart. And that turtle of yours is FTW!
Lt. Commander
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# 10
08-02-2010, 09:47 PM
Awesome work man. PM the devs with this one.

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