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# 1 About bugs season 2
08-03-2010, 03:32 AM
I'am in sorrow that the patch screwt so manny things !!!

1. Data sampels ;

When doing the scanning minigame in the system you only get Minneral ,Radiation and Allien sampels .outside systems let's say open space only in the normal Btran system you get some othewr stuff .
But what we need most is plasma if we are doing big research . And where ever I go what ever system im in there is just no Plasma sampels .

2. Emblems ;

Trouble only with the dayly you gut 3 emblems can live with that but with the normal half our exploration for ViceAdmiral there is standing Emblems NO Didget . And you wont have anny emblems .

3. PvP ;

WHoa PVP is just screwt realy screwt , men now the klingons only have to look your way and you are dead .
Come on realy hope they fix it soon !!!

4. Diplomatie ;

Being a diplomat is not fun it's slowly progressing .
Only 10 xp eatch time slowly going . would be nicer if they made diference in it and some what more challengeing along the way .
Rest off this is good only waiting before the next mission is slow going and they should make some more ops or prizes for it .

5. Options ;

So you guys doing a lot for fleets but what about the single player ?
Is the guy without a fleet ever get some options make his emblems on his jacket or spacecraft .
Or option to call for help when needed ? I know we can if we have 50 procent damage but hello when I allow that its done in a few shots right.
And every captain should be able to call reinforcements on the ground I gut over an 1000 people onboard but if there in trouble we can't call them for help it's so UNSTARFLEET of cryptic.
Also an option would be to have an shooting range to train bridge crew or my self to aim better if needed .
Closes more options to change close would be nice and when we are on a hostile planet would be nice to change in a spacesuit and if al those company's can make it in a single player game so can cryptic !!!!
You gut your work gut out hope you guys don't forget the single players at the end not all of us want to join a fleet .
And what I did mention earlier make it easyer to start a fleet it's just nuts to start with 5 people, almost inposible .
If I start a fleet ok that i have to pay its ok or do it that you can start a fleet with a certain amount of points or badges . and is it posible tolower the points on retraining or change it from merits to credits ??
One more thing make an guy or woman or what ever who you can hail to ask where you can exchange your medals or make an bank where you can exchange your medals for credits .
And also in exchange to let people pay you with credits or medals or emblems some sort of choiche .

DS9 ;

Not much there as they promised but ok .
Make a change here not the dabo that good but also some card games or playing darts .
What I miss is sickbay what we seen so much with the DS9 Series .
The comander room from sisko there should be Captain Kurtland or someone else .

-- Ok that's it for now you cryptics have an lot to do again -- And I know its a lot off work but being a Beta Tester is also much work and I play startrek Online with great Joy I hope you guys can do someting with all this data I will keep playing and give you some more ops from my person soon as posible .

Greets and Live Long and Prosper , Tyron Janeway
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# 2
08-03-2010, 03:46 AM
My Liberated Borg Captain still does not tap his Com badge before beaming out? He use to check his watch , now does nothing, just beams out!
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# 3 Hmm
08-03-2010, 05:18 PM
Bummer thats somting you should make an ticket to report it because that problem did not occur to me !
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# 4 Red Anomalies
08-05-2010, 01:49 AM
When scanning in system you get only red data sampels . The need off plasma sampels is getting bigger and bigger .
Plasma is just disapeart from the radar and sto is doing nothing jet, think they don't know about it or dont have an clue .
I don't hope they gonna wait until the next big update or something .

A nother mather is the particle traces got a lot and whenyou click info it says go look in memory alpha but hello where in memory alpha witch console or witch vendor .
No one knows just told members to save it on the bank until sto can tell us what to do with it .

I hate to brag but the update was verry nice it gives new live to STO but also lots off problems .
What worked fine on the test server did not on holodeck to bad .

But I know STO is working with man and Might to come up with an solution .

Live Long and Prosper Greets Tyron
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# 5 Borg Fleet Mission
08-05-2010, 02:01 AM
They said its recomended to play this with 5 team members .
So I tried with me and me alone and my BO's its hard but duable .
If you have trained your BO's with the right ground combat its duable .
You have to be planning every movement you make best way i think is fully trained Bolian or Klingon to do the tasks at hand .
With the Cure with those towers make soure at each tower is one BO and one free and give them or anti proton weapons or a bat leth to defend the towers maybe you die a few times but it is duable just try it its also ferry rewarding and kinda fun to do .
With ship atack make sure you have very strong and fast healing hull shields in this matter won't do you much good annyway .
Sience officer would have fun if he can make his holo fleet it's lot more easy .
If you have tips on this mather let us know share it with us ! Thank You Tyron Out
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# 6 Not Sure
08-05-2010, 02:05 AM
Not sure if this is a bug but i had in exploration an defeat the borg mission .
And I just started my whole crew had shields and all but no weapons so it was hand to hand combat and with dieing a few times by my count 2 times the mission was an sucses .
Shields or not we kickt there borg buts all over the station .
But im wondering is that bug or not ???

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