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Not sure if this is the right spot for this post... but there are a ton of errors in PvP queues that I don't see listed above...

(1) being on a team, queuing the team, then when zoning into the PvP map the team is disbanded and the members placed on different teams.

(2) Being in the queue, getting engage button, then instantly (1 second) being removed from the queue before being able to hit engage (timer still at 60ish seconds, starting the count down). Having to add oneself to the queue again

(3) Being in the queue, getting and hitting engage, not enough people.... then not being flagged in the queue with the little icon, but when trying to re-join queue being told you are in the queue. Engage pops up, you hit engage and it tells you you cant' join because you are not in the queue. (which is funny-sad-weird, since it just asked me to engage for the queue it thinks I'm not in!)

(4) removing yourself from the queue, with the leave button [due to headache from banging head against wall for so long] and continually getting the engage dialog popping up asking you to join when you aren't a member of a queue

(5) Being in a queue, getting and hitting engage, then receiving the purple admin message in chat, and dialog box popping up, both saying "NoPossibleMaps"

(6) The queues have a higher "min" number... example: capture and hold is min18... it was hard getting all the people in the queue to accept when it was min10, let alone 18... is this a bug? I'm not sure.. but it certainly makes it take a lot longer to do dailies. Not only the item getting into a PvP, but also the time it takes to do a capture and hold with 19 people (note: it seems to always end up being 10 vs 9).

(7) I've noticed that when doing the FvF capture and hold, that the icons used as flags to capture and hold are blue-fed and red-klingon... not blue-fed, red-fed...

(8) finally, the capture and hold queues, do not say "assault" on them anymore. This might be confusing for new players or new RAs+ who get dailies and icheb tells them to do an assault. Although I think icheb says do a capture and hold and assault. regardless, I believe all the other queues specify what type of pvp it is... There also isn't a large and a small queue anymore... not sure why that changed... (was large vs small the map size or the min XX size?)


Question/Advice: I personally don't understand why the queues aren't "committed/forced"... you place yourself in the queue and when the queue reaches its min XX number it starts and you are forced into it (or told you are gogin to warp to the PvP in 10 seconds). Yes, I have in the past worked on my B'tran daily while waiting in the queue, and like got an aid the planet and hit snooze to do it. BUT if we all know that it is forced then I would not be doing something when I'm queued up (or I would do something that I wouldn't care if I was interrupted).

That just seems to make sense... easy way to fix the queues as well. I understand why not forcing someone into the PvP is a good idea (since it is not straight forward how to get out once you are in)... but if you were doing something you didn't want to be interrupted you could just leave the queue. (In this case I would redesign it, so that a small dialog popped up once you entered a queue that showed the queue count and had a button to leave the queue. That way you could see the queue status (if it was taking a long time for the queue to build up, and you would be able to leave without having to watch the big dialog.

An alternative, is to have "forced-queues" as well as "confirm-queues" so that if people are doing their dailies and truly want to just go into the pvp when it is ready they can get in that queue... then the casual-iffy players that aren't' sure what they want to do at any given moment in time can join the confirm-queue and continually snooze or leave and rejoin without it impacting the people in the forced queue ;-) But seriously forced-queues and confirm-queues is a serious suggestion.
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08-03-2010, 05:55 PM
Another option would be to track location (mission, etc) when a player queues and also record if they accepted the invite. If a player queues twice within the same map / mission but then does not accept, they should be locked out of queuing until they change locations / finish the mission.

I think it would cut down on the number of people not accepting.

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