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08-04-2010, 07:31 PM
Great thread. Cryptic is wasting our 15.00 a month on this game to do soem really stupid suff. It's not been the best investment. IIn an interview done before.. it was Said the C-store was there to fund new content and any extra content for the game was being funded from the C-store.

2nd this latest update just adds alot more bugs to the game. Instead of fixes OLD bugs.

Before Season 3 is even started or talked about. I'd like to see them FIX all the bugs from 1 & 2 an PvP.

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08-05-2010, 12:41 AM
Originally Posted by Honeymane
1) Cryptic, try to focus on as few things as possible for an update. Do things well, not merely do them.
2) Fix what's already in the game. Before Season 3 should even begin it's development cycle, Obviously it already has, but you need to push out fixes for DC at the very least.
3) Stop trying to appease every player's every want. The truth is, you can't. Trying to do so only leads to trouble like this, where you try to do so many different things at once you end up not really developing any of them at all. I'm not saying don't listen to the players never, but just because someone really, really wants ____ doesn't mean you should develop ____ over, say, Gorn customization options, or improving ground combat.
Absolute sign. In STO there is a lot you can do, but almost nothing of these things has real depth. And I want to stress my strong support for point 2: Please don't just run forward for new things but take your time to rise the quality of things already existing. Otherwise, it's not likely I will see most of the content you created at all, because the content I'm playing feels so loosely, incoherent and incomplete that I just lose attraction.

Which is too bad! But as you see, I'm still reading the forums. But I haven't started the game for months now because of these things. To me, the most devasting point still is the look, feel and mechanics of ground combat - I would immediately return to the game if there were major updates concerning this. But it's a general point made here and I don't want to restrict things to ground combat. Well, in the end - /signed @OP
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08-05-2010, 12:44 AM
And lower the monthly price to $10, or give an option to pay $10 if you sub for 3months like Turbine does for LotRO.
STO is just not worth the $15 a month!!

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