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# 1 Anomalies & lack thereof
08-04-2010, 09:20 AM
Dear Cryptic Development team,

Since the release of 2.0, I know that you have all been working to correct many issues. I appreciate all your hard work, but must call to yoru attention a specific part of the game that has been significantly damaged by the 2.0 patch.

Obtaining anomalies is broken. This means crafting is broken. Broken crafting is causing me great unhappiness and detracts significantly from my enjoyment of Star Trek Online. I feel that the complaints that have been given in the last eight days about anomalies has been given less that the attention that it deserves.

I feel that if something is broken by an action, then that action should be reversed as soon as humanly possible. Just as a doctors oath is to first do no harm, I say first do no patch until its due time. We were aware that anomalies was damaged on Tribble, yet the patch included the anomaly mangle. I'm only one of hundreds of people who have griped, and just one of thousands of crafters who have been forced to play other aspects of the game that we don't normally play.

I have determined the following information about anomalies after scanning for several THOUSAND in the last week:

If you are an admiral or greaters, then;

Only red anomalies will drop in System space and on Planets

Only Technologicals will drop in sector space


If you are doing a mission, like CAGE OF FIRE, then anomalies drop approrpiately; both in space and on ground.

There are a total of 18 anomalies, and I am unable to obtain 10 of them.

As a crafter, this is crippling to my ability to craft. I have had a NET LOSS in my energy credits in the last week. I had gotten to the point of selling to other players to about 2 million in profit per day.

Just as I was making some serious energy credits, I was also providing CHEAP to own weapons and gear. I undercut ANYBODY who tried to undercut me, and the credits rolled in. Other players would be gaining my goods at a really good price, if I could MAKE them. Now, I cant make energy credits, and people cant buy my quality gear at very low prices.

I'm unsure why this issue has not received the attention I feel it deserves by the DEVs. Maybe too many of us went off half cocked? I don't know. I know I eventually snapped, to the point of being angry at a video game.

I would appreciate some explanation from the DEVs as to what is being done about anomalies, and their dropping where they should. I'm pretty much burning thorugh diplomacy missions to compensate for nothing to do, and I really would like to get back to work....CRAFTING.

I had a thread that went off about anomalies which had alot of player interaction. I realized that fter railing against the wind, and raging at nobody in particular, that I wasn't getting anywhere or helping things. I finally calmed down and decided to approach this differently. I hope this post helps explain the situation better than my last anomaies post.

Thanks for your time.

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