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08-04-2010, 08:09 PM
Proposal: Add a "Communications Officer" to "Assignments / Ship Stations".

"What the hell for?" you may ask.

Simply put, a few people here have already noted that when your ship contacts you when you're on the ground, sometimes it's one of your Bridge Officers that's actually on the ground WITH you. It's a small bug, really, but one that's easily fixed.

Officer Abilities? NONE! He or She (or It) is only talking to you. No need to scope out an uncommon or rare officer for this position. Let's keep it simple.

When you're on the ground, your Comm Officer will always be the one who contacts you.

Options: Sure, you COULD use one of your other officers for this. No reason why your Science Officer can't also double as communications officer. He or She just shouldn't be on the ground with you. Otherwise, the bug returns.

Anyways, just a thought I had earlier today.

Quite simple, eh?

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