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# 1 PvP Join Tiers?
08-04-2010, 11:29 PM
The PvP population continues to fall.
Is it time to consider abandoning/adapting the Tier'd approach to pvp games?
Currently the pvp base is broken up into smaller tier groups.
Tier 1 lacks Starfleet participation.
The rest of the Tiers suffer from lack of KDF players.
How about amalgamating some of the Tiers?
Tier 1 + 2.
Tier 3 + 4.
Tier 5 + 6.
Could the side-kicking mechanic be used to Balance these multi-tiered games?
Is it necessary to do so or just let them play?

I would prefer the pvp system allowed me to play on demand even if it meant the games were often imbalanced.
I can understand why some hardcore pvp'ers would be against this.
I think there would be enough casual pvp players from amongst all the tiers to make it viable.
Perhaps add it as another Option~?
Lt. Commander
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# 2
08-04-2010, 11:52 PM
I would love this change to certain map. All tiers of ships of all ranks can enter.

T1 ships - 5 points
T2 ships - 10 points
T3 ships - 20 points
T4 ships - 40 points
T5 ships - 80 points

Arenas - 400 points per team. Who scores 1200 points on enemies wins first.

CaH - 800 points per team. Higher tier ships would capture proportionally faster.

With that way, every ship / rank is usable and viable, for some massive carnage and it would be more startrekish. However, we would probably need to enhance teams or make raid teams or something.

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