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below is my email to customer services asking in the title if there could be a bulk purchase discount (heavy discout) would much prefer account wide, below is the orginal message and the excellent reply if only all replies were as good.

as a suggestion prices per character 50 crytic points for 2or 8 for 200 crptics points then cryptic would unlock my wallet for multiple purcahses accorss my growing number of characters
accross account i think 2 for 200 and 6 for 400/450 would be about fair, after all if spend 800 cryptic points i can get 2 character slots with 16 ship slots and is 20 bridge officers (i think) slots between the two characters. so perhaps my price suggestion should be lower to refelect this?

some might aruge that so many extra ship slots isn't needed wiich is fair enough, as at the lower ranks a player might advance too fast to be able to spend a reasonable amount of time playing all 3/4 in a tier. how ever as there becomes more things to do the lower tiers, the length of time in one rank will increase.

i hope that there might be a career option at each rank to adjust the amount of skill points.you rewarded, 25 % more to speed up the game standard game reward, then either 25/50% less rewarded so you can play with your ships longer. after all with interiors there will be more to do inside the ships when you can customize inside iit might make it hard to want to decommission ship.

Another soultion that appeals to me would be that the ship/load at the tailor works and works accross the account, so if you customise a tier 2 escort, save it with its ship name eg U.S.S Cryptic, then later on delete the ship from the hanger to make space. another chracter who reaches tier 2 chooses the escort as thier ship, gose to the tailor and loads the design of the U.S.S Cryptic and its the same inside and out as the one before it, bar its gear.

i;ve added extra thoughts marked in blue.


Good day, I want to buy extra ship slots(maybe B/O slots too) for this game, so that i can always keep a ship, free one or after buying it with credits in game / merits on renaming or credits changing its look., or cryptic points (real money) that e.g. new ships or vairents. its something i've always wanted and i've asked for before.

So i worked it out for a Fed Character to have enough slots for each ship, i counted 24 ships, including the Nebula and Excelsior, minus the 8 i get as standard i would need 16 more slots. for the 5 characters that i have already, it would cost me $218! i'm sure that's getting close to what I paid for the life time sub. if would could cost even more if i want to do the same for 6th 7th characters as there will be new races too.

I read the TrekMovie article, and the issue is according to the Daniel Stahl in the article "storage space" for $218 or more i could get a 1TB drive, so why not store on the players machine? or is not possible, i guess there is a risk people will try edit them. at 3200 crytic points per FED characther [to get 16 ship slots] that's very expensiive price for extra storage, i want to have the option for all character to be able to use and keep every ship, I may or may not use all slots on all characters but still.

Updated thought :
400 cryptic points for 2exta slots ship / Bridge officer
OR 800 cryptic points for 2 characters slots that come with a total of 16 /18* ship slots plus the standard number of bridge officer slots,

it would be 18 as you get one free slot as reward for 200 days play. if and only if the free reward is accross account

it makes the offer of two slots for just one character very expensive
i don't want to but i could buy the extra character slots make 3 tactical officers for example each same or different race, then one could focus on escort ships, another on crusiers the last on using science vessals.
then repeat for the other chracter careers., a hard grind so not the best way to play the game but might be better value for money.

for the moment i have 5 characters and if I spend $218 to grant them enough slots to keep one of each ship type which i would like to do, im not sure if it will take more storage space for crytic, in the short term buying character slots takes up more space. but if i buy lots of chracter slots esp when there is a new faction having a few character with maxed out ship slots
(one of my )
My suggestion(s), is at the least/worst that extra slots be per character slot; I gave an example, in this thread GM Stormshade said if a player deleted a character by accident, customer services would try recover. I posted a question what if a player deletes on purpose? I give an example of why I would delete on purpose and ask what would happen next? (no answer on the forum) yet though. (i understand its impossible to read all repiles)I might try a customer ticket the reply below dose invite me.,

Its post #1194 on http://forums.startrekonline.com/sho...+slot&page=120

I've shown my support for this game by buying 2 copies one in the UK and the 2nd from the USA to get the TOS Enterprise, I brought a life time sub without trying the game. and I have and will buy most if not all items from the C-store, but at aobut $43 (more if I added 2-4 Bridge officer slots) dollars to grant the option to one character I want, itís just too much. As yet no mention of what happens to the extra storage space Iíve brought if I purposely delete a character

Thanks for your time reading this I enjoy this game a lot and want to keep playing with new races and so on, but I just can't afford to add the options of 16 slots ships & 2-4 bridge officer slots to my existing or new characters.

Please keep up the good work I look forward to a solution in the future, and the ever expanding game that is STO.


"Greetings, Thank you for contacting the Star Trek Online Customer Service Department. I read through your question very carefully and while I wish I could address these types of topics, itís sadly not something I am privy too. In-game customer service cannot control or change the prices or offers being provided in the store. I can, however, pass your ticket into my nightly report as feedback for Development. We prepare detailed notes every night and it all get shipped and reviewed by Community and Development. We also encourage you to post this feedback, and your idea of adding a bulk discount, on the public Star Trek forums. I hope the above information is helpful and points you in the right direction, thank you again for taking the time to write this detailed feedback to us and rest assured it will be shared. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know. Sincerely, GM Nikolah Customer Service Agent "
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# 2
08-03-2010, 02:23 PM
Someone has to much money.
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# 3 not really
08-04-2010, 04:42 AM
Originally Posted by Ashur1
Someone has to much money.
hi sure don't have too much money, if i did then paying these high prices woudn't bother me, but it dose its too much if i keep playing this game for longer and longer

haven't brought any of these per character items and no plans to until accross account or the price is right,

thanks for reading though.
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# 4
08-05-2010, 11:09 AM
Originally Posted by HMS_Indomitable
haven't brought any of these per character items and no plans to until accross account or the price is right,
I will NEVER buy that shlock.

You know what I want to buy from the C-Store, some DEV's who respond to bug reports. Some DEV's who talk and LISTEN to their player base.

When are those going up on the C-Store? (Will they be per-character?)


OP, are you really saying you would buy those "per character" items? Do you not realize those are "per-character" so that they may empty your wallet into theirs?

What other reason is there for making them "per character" items? (I don't hold my breath for a response. After all a DEV would have to do the responding.) (And if you respond to this post "a dev" then you need to tell me why the cluster anomalies are STILL broken? And why you put a patch on holo that would break said anomalies?)

There, that should keep them from responding to me. I added a bug question!

Now, OP, this whole post is letting Cryptic know they can pull this kind of crap. I don't mind the C-Store, I understand that they "might" need it for revenue. If they need to pull this kind of stunt (Per-character crap, for outrageous prices) then I am forced to believe that they ARE hurting for money or they ARE greedy.

I hope it is the latter, but something tells me it is the first. I hope the game goes f2p before going under...of course if Cryptic went under, Atari could hand off the game to a company better situated to handle a real game, and not whatever Cryptic has been making...maybe?

See, that is what their terrible customer service has done to me. Made me bitter towards a franchise I have loved since I was a child. Thank you Cryptic, you have soiled the name of Star Trek for the rest of my life. Well, I am off to have a smoke, least I can shorten the time I have to be reminded of this shlock.

I grock shlock...
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# 5
08-05-2010, 01:01 PM
Imagine paying 500 bucks to get all the exclusives in the game only to have them come out less then 6 months later for 42 bucks.

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