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08-20-2010, 07:03 PM
Originally Posted by Commander_Shepherd
I reckon it could work in one of two ways:

- You can choose whether a slot acts as a regular slot or an off-duty one, with only the appropriate options for each. Obviously, it'd be better to have an option to 'convert' slots back-and-forth - perhaps a tab for it? So, in the same way as choosing between 'Lower - Long' or 'Lower - Knee-High', you could choose between 'Uniform' and 'Off-Duty'.

- Have all options in the one slot, so you could choose to mix-and-match regular and off-duty parts. I'm sure this would be a popular choice, because it'd increase the possibilities for players, but I personally think that'd be a bad idea - keep 'uniform' parts for uniforms, and 'off-duty' for non-uniform clothing*.

*that said - one concession I can think of would be combadges. I'd be nice to do the time-honoured Star Trek thing of people putting their badge on over their civvies.
The uniform tops are clearly from uniforms and wouldn't look right if they were mixed in with anything else. Now the bottoms on uniforms are generic looking enough that it's not obvious that they are meant to be part of a uniform.

So I propose that if you use a uniform top you have to have uniform bottoms to go with it, but you can use the lower uniform parts with your off-duty wear. That should give a quick and easy way to get more off-duty variety without having to create a bunch of new models and textures.
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09-03-2010, 08:39 AM
Originally Posted by Cormoran View Post
I'm wondering if we can have the c-store costume purchases include the option for off-duty wear aswell as the current uniforms.

Failing that, can we get some off duty costume slot purchases added to the c-store?
/Signed. I have lots of empty "Uniform Slots", but I only have the one "Off Duty" Slot. I need to be able to use the extra slots I purchsed for either OD or Unis. I didn't mind using my one OD Slot for a "Formal" suit too much, but I would like to have a robe outfit too. And when Merc outfits come out, aren't they also going to be OD? I don't want to lose my suit just to get the Merc! I want to have them be both.

I guess I can understand there are design reasons as to why some costume parts can't fit with other costume parts, or why we can't mix'n'match between OD/Uniform clothing, but I don't understand why the *slots* themselves are thusly limited to Either/Or.

Please fix this.
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09-03-2010, 12:19 PM
I'm not going to sign anything. This idea should fall in the category of Common Sense. Cryptic, did anyone over there stop to think about It when they decide to offer Costume Slots? I guess not. The least you could have done is made the two slots a one each buy, one Uniform and Off-duty. Better would have been the ability to buy two slots of either Off-Duty or Uniforms. Much better is to make them generic and you get to choose with a little pull down if it's an Off-duty or Uniform.

Too much enthusiasm and no sensibility. It does not take to much time to ask the forum a quick question. We are thinking of opening up extra Costume Slots in the C-store, what type would you like to see? Duh

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09-12-2010, 08:28 AM

Sooo many uniform slots and only one off-duty slot. Just a little inconvenient.
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09-14-2010, 11:39 AM
/signed i want more off duty when i saw the option in c-store its said "costume slots" now the off duty clothes you buy are called "costume packs" regardless of them being an off duty or an uniform, so i assumed theses "costume slots" where for both bought them and now cant use them... i only have one uniform cryptic but i would like to have robes formal and mercenary set up in diff slots... of course i haven't even gone as far as too buy merc outfits yet until i can have a slot for them... so you see cryptic i will spend yet more money in your c store if you allow this!

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