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There has been mention in the past of trying to un-bury some of the functions on the drop down menu in the mini-map to make them more easily found and accessible. I think one way to do it that could work well would be to move some of the more common/used functions as a small button bar along top of the powers tray, and leave some of the lesser used menu and button items on the Mini-map, and maybe even put the Astrometrics view toggle on the map as well. You could use the LCARS like borders to frame corners of the tray, and have "fire all" weapons ability in a line on the border down the left side of the panel, this would add in a bit of the LCARS look people ask for while not significantly changing the way the UI functions.

Perhaps Transwarp locations, pets, and cosmetics like the fireworks could be added in mini-buttons or a pop up list as well to save room on the ever more crowded tray.

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