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I'm thankful Cryptic retroactively implemented the accolades we older players got.

However, I'm annoyed that accolades pertaining to Exploration Zones and Deep Space Encounters was NOT retroactive. I'm sure most of us who has spent time in the last couple of months chasing these accolades have found ourselves falling asleep because these exploration missions are so repetitive and deep space encounters (if we can find an open instance) is boring that we start falling asleep.

I honestly don't know why they chose 70. Sure it works for B'Tran since we spent our time there over the months doing Mark of Exploration Dailies, but these other Exploration zones aren't.

Sure right now we have some use by doing Diplomatic Missions, but within 136 Diplomatic missions, there isn't any real additional incentive. So I really hope Cryptic adds some additiona incentives or lower the Exploration and DSE Accolades to actual accomplishmental levels (especially those for multiple characters).

Also, there are accolades that right now seem impossible to complete. Federation players needing to destroy Federation Ships and Officers? Kill Gorn, Nausicans, and Orians? Even with exploration accolade grinds, they seem impossible.

Klingons are the same boat with their own faction.

Just pointing out that be nice if these Exploration, DSE, and Kill accolades were better thought out.

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