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# 1 DS9 and other space stations
08-07-2010, 04:51 AM
What find strange all games made to represent startrek is that in all eps the space stations can easly defend there selfs against enemy atacks unless there was a armada off ship comming toward them.
And like the game bridge comander and the game starfleet command you saw pretty animations from space stations defending there self .
Men that was just awsome power to see in action !!!

Ok next about space station in STO DS9 can not defend her self just look at fleet action .
All others says with borg missions notting there to protect her self just stupid if you ask me .
I hope they still willing to change it also when you have a verry damaged ship to seek cover with an starbase or outpost .

So STO writers please give those stations some awsome weapons !!!

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