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# 1 C-store Items.. Cryptic
08-26-2010, 05:41 PM
I don't want to seem a pain when talking about c-store but I've been having debates with guildies.. like most does when they have their own opinion, but I've seen it a few times now and I'm hoping you wouldn't keep doing it but you did it again with the excelsior.

There are a few times brought to c-store that are unfinished and to be far need work, and to me its something that comes down to the testing and how these items are made avaliable.. bypassing the test centre.. which to me is a problem.

Let me make some examples... bridges.. never get tested aside from internally.. and its a problem because there are new bridges that have boffs standing on consoles and floating in mid-air or not being able to sit in your captains chair properly.. (which is not so big deal with the chair mechanics coming out soon) and some of the LCARS that look like they haven't been skinned properly mainly in the galaxy class bridges.

The new one was the excelsior which now every man and his dog has one its made past ships like the soverign kind of useless to a point. And devs have said making these configurations have made you think that you'll need to look at changing other configurations.. why not put these configurations and ships on tribble to let players test them... before buying them. Not to mention being able to test on a large enough scale to see what may need changing to other ship configs and change them at the same time as bringing the new ship to live.. instead of having to wait several weeks to a month to have updates to other ships to be able to match up and be on par. And even cannon.

Its happend the same with items and content that have been added to the game that have no use.. like the rare anomlies that really should of stayed disabled untill the use of these was completed.

I'm not trying to flame or trying to shout at the company cus to be honest you've actually listened to the community and we love you for that. I hope you take these words as advanced and just for me to sort of get some frustration out and hope that this makes some sort of difference.

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