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Hi guys, I was thinking it might be good to have a thread on Immersion, specifically what kind of small things that could be put into the game to draw players in, and keep them in the zone during gameplay.

the rules are each Idea cannot be a re-inventing of mechanics, but just an addition to what is already there, but could be made a bit better.

heres my Idea.

The loading screens are a necessary evil I get it, but what if they were interesting enough that they didn't break the immersion.

for an example, when you zone into a mission, you get a blank screen, as the mission loads, the name appears on the screen, like a star trek episode, followed by an L cars style readout with the sector name, and maybe a small text that prints along the screen stating your ship name, captains name, stardate and other fluff.

missions with multiple zone parts could have a part one or two in brackets, and when elaving an active mission you could get a to be continued loading screen or something similar.

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08-08-2010, 09:47 PM
another idea.. ground gameplay is fairly bland right now because of the fairly repetitive combat, but besides scanning for a couple of anomalies on each map what else is there to do?

sometimes when we do cluster missions the whole fact we are setting foot on a new planet is not even mentioned or thought about.

maybe a science officer could pull out a tricorder when you first beam in and report in speech bubbles the fact that the atmosphere is breathable or a an engineer could scan for harmful radiation, none of it would actually affect the mission, just some fluff and star trek like banter before procedding to level most of the landscape with phasers and grenades.
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08-08-2010, 10:26 PM
When we're in our ship's interior, moving from deck to deck, use the "turbolift" load screen, just so it doesn't break the feel of being inside your ship.

Allow us to customize our ship interiors: selecting the art on the walls, the banner in our lounge, the plants in our quarters. Maybe even allow us to select our own screenshots as wall art (if possible)?

The ability to set a "default uniform" for our crew (DStahl said this is coming).

Non Starfleet personal in the ship interiors, like civilians and families (for ships that would carry such).

More astral phenomena: comets and black holes and other stuff in the void. Along with other space traffic: more NPC ships traders and colonists..Starfleet NPCs, going to and fro (both in Sector Space and in the systems).

Allowing us to set the "nickname" of both our character and our in I'd like my display name, the name hovering over my head with my title to be my characters full name, but I'd like people in text to address me by a "nickname", like just his first name (ie: display name reads "Captain James T. Kirk" but his nickname is set to "Jim". Same thing with my ship...if I had the USS Tom Servo, I'd like to have that be displayed in Sector Space, but have the nickname set to "Servo".

Another little thing I'd like is to see time actually move foward a year we're in 2410 and so on.
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08-09-2010, 08:13 AM
I like the traffic in space idea and the comets etc, seector space could lose the grid and add a moving starfield streak effect around the ship, or even a tunneling type graphic, somewhat like the one used in the RTS sins of a solar empire when traveling between stars.

I like sector space personally, I just wish it conveyed more the feeling of travelling through warp.

Some people have suggested that making the sector space aspect be controlled from astrometrics from inside your ship as an idea, I really like that as it would allow both types of players to enjoy it.

You could run down to astrometrics, and basically activate the controls and be in sector space, or simply have a galaxy map that shows your ship moving across sector space while you drink your earl grey tea.

also with ship interiors missions that take place aboard your own ship would be great, maybe in a star cluster you warp into a nebula that makes your bofs go crazy and hijack the ship, stuff like that.

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