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# 1 Beaming Downtown
08-09-2010, 05:15 AM
In Champions there are some very nice cities created for mission, like our Sector Blocks.

Many episodes and movies have had the crews beaming down to cities either as they are, in warp capable civilizations, or surgically altered and under cover, in hostile or pre-warp cultures.

I would like some missions like that in Star Trek Online. The tech is there, the know-how exists to make these maps, we know the engine can handle it.

With this I would also like the Devs to create missions where future missions/events are changed depending on how you completed the mission.

There are a few missions already where you have more then one ending, but as it is now, it doesn't matter which road you take. The mission completes and you get on your way in the same way no matter which decission you make. I would also like to see the posibility to fail missions and not being able to redo them for a long time (days). Or the option to be court martialed if you do something wrong. Or get taken hostage/prisoner and must have some other player (or npc) break you free or through some techobabble gadget or strategy manage to escape.
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# 2 Accolades
08-09-2010, 06:09 AM
They need to put some kind of option in mission so you use the transport on you ship as well. Because it would add extra time to a mission some perk would needed for using it like a special Accolades or even a special beam out effect you only got once you did 1000 beam downs. Title or something..
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# 3
08-30-2010, 02:54 AM
They should make these city maps accessible when you orbit a planet, as an option amongst many locations on the planet. For Earth you could go to San Francisco and visit the Academy and train your bridge officer in ways not possible elsewhere and Starfleet Command as well as doing a few missions while you're there. Or go to the Federation President in Paris and do some missions there (possibly diplomatic ones for those who reach the highest level in the FDC).

On Vulcan we should be able to pick from their capitol city or the current location. Of course with additional missions spanning discovering ancient secrets hidden by the Vulcans or Romulans espionage etc.

The city maps should have many missions available on them. Maybe something around 30 per city. Some of them chained together in arcs.

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