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08-09-2010, 08:56 AM
Originally Posted by usaucydishu
Indeed, I came back this weekend, and although enjoyed having the chance to get in my cool defiant class starship again found myself questioning the storyline.

I cant remember (apart from the alternate universe) when the galaxy was in such total turmoil. War, between almost every race? The Terrans you fight around cardasian space are flying the top ships in starfleet?! How have they got so many of them?!
Oh and the dominion back for another crack of the whip? I don't really get it, but I am sure some tiny loop holes can explain how the federation has gone to war with everyone.
Ah well, hopefully it will change in a year or so, or maybe someone else will get the IP in the future

It was worth a shot trying again.
Thats just my opinion so dont worry if its not what you think. We can all agree to disagree
as you work through the story missions it begins to come together as to why everything is in such a mess.

first and foremost however, is the path to 2409 (not sure if they ever finished publishing this, but there's a mass of hints in the loading screens) which points out that the klingons and federation fell out over the klingon's invading romulan space after romulos was blown up. Then when the klingon's invaded the gorn because of the Undine threat (using the same ruse as they did for invading cardassia in DS9) the federation and the klingon's officially went to war. (which explains that war-front)

the romulans, well they're mad at the federation because they feel like the feds did nothing for them when it was found out hobus was going to blow (this is expanded on by in-game missions to a degree, but not fully) and also because Sela (tasha yar's half romulan kid) is in charge and she's always hated the federation. (not all romulan colonies consider themselves at war with the federation, several missions and patrols establish this) which is why there's a "war-front" there too.

cardassia, well the dominion bombed them to hell, so they've been accepting aid from the federation (and the ferengi and their nagus Rom) which to some cardassians is the final insult (cardassians feel they're the superior species in the galaxy) so they've resorted to terrorist acts under the banner of "the true way" which is a paramilitary organisation. Again, in the missions you do a lot of work for the offical government of cardassia and its all there, explained that you're mearly helping deal with terrorists.

the dominion, well thats Laas to blame for that.. the actual dominion has broken ties with him and he's basically trying to use his status as a "god" with the Jem'Hadar to deal with solids as he utterly distrusts them. he's teamed up with the true way (shown in missions again) to get the federation out of the area so he can establish his "new dominion"

the mirror federation have been busy conquering their own galaxy, probably by sneaking into this universe and "borrowing" the designs of the latest federation ships (like they did to make the defiant over there) and now have their sights set on this universe. (these are some fairly late on missions, high captain/admiral)

the borg? well they're the borg... thats more survival really.

turns out the undine are agitating all the races in the alpha/beta quadrants because of excursions into fluidic space they think are us. the people who are actually behind it are also behind a lot of other stuff.. (but now we're getting into spoilers...)

but its explained.. eventually.. its all interwoven into the various missions and stories and all of whats going on with all the war fronts.. you just have to keep track and pay attention and do all the missions to kinda piece it together.
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08-09-2010, 09:33 AM
Final comments here. I have about 30 mins so i'll make it really brief. The WB weekend was fun but I dont see myself re-subbing. I would play if it went F2P model though, but probably not pay for very much content if any.

I tried playing a new character over from scratch. I did log onto my old level capped main (pre cap-raise) and got spammed by achievements. I logged off. For god's sake change the rank name. Rear Admiral, Lower/Upper Half is terrible. Just call it all Rear Admiral please.

As for new characters:

I was looking for the difficulty slider from Lieutenant 1. Is it explained somewhere that I wont see it till LT5? Really dissapointing.

Achievements/Accolates - why can't I click on them to see what the heck it all means? I tried; it's just a semi-meaningless phrase to me that popped up on my screen. Okay so I got torpedo something. Does that mean I fired a lot? I hit a lot? I dont know. How do I find out what the criteria of the accolade I just got was?

The game overall is still kind of interesting, but Elite space combat really isn't in the same world as Elite ground combat. I got instantly owned in ground combat on Elite but space wise I can trivially hold my own. The ground combat (which I only got into late on Sunday) got me a bunch of major and critical injuries after two wipes, so I logged off.. and that was the end of my weekend. The whole thing made it hard for me to find a happy medium.. hard space combat doesn't challenge me at all, at least in Lieutenant ranks, but Elite ground combat completely destroys me.

You guys really need to get lowbies out of the miranda/centaur class ships earlier. I got incredibly bored of the thing really quickly. The second playthrough just drags a lot worse than the first. Also, get people involved with their Bridge Officers sooner. Powers, gear, etc. I was killing stuff hoping for weapon drops to gear out my crew because I had minimal credits. I suppose I could have muled from my higher level character maybe?

Good job on the pointer quests around earth spacedock for injuries. Although I dislike how I got owned on Elite ground combat, the way you introduce players to it is quite good. What's up with Elite space combat? It just didnt feel that hard. Maybe it should spawn more ships in the lower level search and destroy missions. Being fired upon by more stuff is harder. Being fired upon by one slightly harder guy, not so much.

Didnt get to try any of the higher end content; really wanted to enjoy the levelling experience over again, except, I didn't.

Still love the visuals in the game, particularly in space. Will miss them a lot.

Would have tried a Catian but didnt want to pay $$

Really though ultimately I had trouble getting into the game. The exact same reason I cancelled my sub are still relevant. I enjoy space combat (as much as you can flying in circles, blowing cooldowns and mashing spacebar with everything on autofire - thank god you fixed autofire) and kind of enjoy ground combat, but it didn't grab me and say this is worth paying $x a month to. It's a nice game to play around in, level up, and enjoy.. but for some reason just not my compelling cup of tea. Sadly the WB weekend didn't change that, it just gave me a chance to play for free. I would be here if it was F2P because to me it's a very easy game to play casually. But it's a very hard game to play hardcore, and that's all i'm going to subscribe for.

By the end of the weekend i'd gone back to SC2, WoW and a game I bought at the last Steam sale for two bucks fifty. Sorry guys. Best of luck.

Final edit: welp, in less than 10 minutes I wont be able to post. Enjoy the game, everyone. If they have another WB weekend i'll take a peek.

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