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I really like the customisation with all the ships in Star Trek Online however I would really like to have the oppotunity for much more customisation for more hardened fans like myself or anyone that wants a bash at starship Engineering and design. I would love to be able to fine tune the nacelles, power systems and even weapon output of each specific weapon to allow for greater control and much more variety when it comes to how people make their ships.

I would really like to have a level of customisation that allows you to incorperate parts from other vessels. For example, a Galaxy could have a Type IX computer core instead of the coventional Type VIII. I would also like the ability to customise and decorate ship interiors to make them much more individual to the user.

Other additional accessories for your ship could come in the form of expensive devices, like for example, different grades of cloak for Klingon ships so that can upgrade and customise the cloaking systems. One of which could allow you to fire when cloaked with obvious drawbacks to power.

However on the Federation side, it would be nice to see more technical abilities such as an Tachyon Detection Grid that can be relayed between a group of ships allowing them to detect cloaked vessels within a certain array.

I know that some of the level of customisation that I am proposing may be impossible but I would really like to be able to get more attached to my ship by acessorizing and customising even the EPS conduits. At the moment, I just feel like my ship is just a chunk of metal with set stats.

For me but screw the people... the SHIPS are the real characters of the game.

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