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So I just had an idea on basically leveling up bridge officer traits, say from basic to supior or whatever. I'm not sure if its been stated before, but I was wondering your thoughts on it. I have some bridge officers on my main that have been with me since start. I'm not really one to make much of a story with bridge officers, but I want to keep them. The only thing is that they're traits aren't quite as good as ones I could get later on. I konw that theres been some discussion on this, but heres my idea - what if you could essentially trade the traits of your bridge officers. Say take a purple officer you've gotten and trade the traits with one of the green ones you got near the beginning of your career. Afterwards the officer from which you took the traits would be decommisioned and you wouldn't see him again - similar to what happens when you have an officer train a current BO in a skill. To limit a type of constant trading make it so you can only exchange traits with an officer once. Also, if they make it so you can trade current bridge officers, make it so once that person is retrained he cannot be traded. That would keep people looking for certain species in the exchange, etc. Anyways, let me know what you think and would add/get rid of.
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08-10-2010, 10:12 PM
Personally, i think it should either be tied to the rank of the Boff or have a system where either Merit Points or Bridge officer points could also be used to level traits.

Rare type Boff would just have an advantage of requiring less points.

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