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Hey guys, im on the look out for the perfect fleet/house, I know quoting a list of requirements is a bit cheeky, but I want to make sure i find the right fleet first time.

My ideal fleet would be/have:

GMT Time Zone (or near as possible) - So i can partake in fleet raids and events
Dual Fed and KDF fleets - I spend just as much time on my Klingon toons as i do on my Fed ones
PvP Focused - I am very PvP focused, mostly on the KDF side though, I would like to join a fleet/house who has a strong PvP reputation. Regular Fleet PvP runs would be a plus here too.
Raid Minded - I would like to at least once a week participate in a fleet run STF or Fleet Action.
Mature but still fun - A grown up fleet for kids over 18
Active Forums - I tend to browse when i should be working.
TS3 or Vent - Although i have a TS3 server which i dont mind you guys using, it can only hold 15 people max though.
Lt. Commander
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# 2 House of Clan Hunters
08-13-2010, 01:29 AM
Hello Brodie

I have put some info below:

GMT Time Zone (or near as possible) - Fleet is International and there is always someone online.
Dual Fed and KDF fleets - Yes we have both Fed and Kling fleets, and a channel connecting the two so if your playing on one side you also stay connected with the ones on the other.
PvP Focused - PvP training, and games going on daily, tournaments in the future.
Raid Minded - STF runs pretty much daily on fed or kling side.
Mature but still fun - Yes, mature, fun and helpful members.
Active Forums - Several members check our forums daily, we got photo albums with stories etc also.
TS3 or Vent - We have a vent server

Looking forward to welcoming you, and anyone else who wants to join our fleet

You can also check out our fleet by joining our "ClanH" channel, right click on the chat box in-game, go to channels type in ClanH and click join/create.

If you like what you see/hear just ask for an invite on the channel


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