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Hello all,

I played the game through the first update, then left. The fleet I was in was dwindling in numbers and the activity level of the game had fallen off dramatically. I enjoyed my old fleet, but after some time I decided to quit the game for a while and wait for the next round of changes.

On the Klingon side, the only things going on were PvP and the fleets that tried to recruit me were not suited for me.

I enjoy playing both sides.

After the latest weekend of access, I found myself enjoying some of the new stuff and wanting to play the game again on a regular basis. Having no other games requiring my full attention, and having relfected upon how much fun I had pvp'ing on my Klingon or doing missions on my Federation, I decided to re-up my account and play.

I am a Trekkie. I have loved Star Trek from the time I was a child and I still enjoy it. I will probably enjoy it when I am 80 years old. When I play the game, I enjoy it despite the bugs and errors (though they annoy me). It's "cool" and easily emersive.

I'd like to find a fleet that I can try the upper missions with, that does fleet activities, that has members who like to pvp as well. I have never done Infected or much of the end game adventuring because my old fleet never did them with me. I felt like that was part fo the reason to be in a fleet - to explore and succeed together.

I'd like to find a fleet for both my Fed and Klingon toons, though it does't have to be the same fleet.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

If I can answer any questions, please contact me. Either here or in game (Vizan@Brembo, Akivasha@Brembo)
Lt. Commander
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# 2 You sound interesting
08-14-2010, 11:19 PM
Depends on your style and sense of humour, but you might want to look into the Unrepentant gamers.
Look at our posts, meet us online. Make us laugh and you might become one of the U!

We have real game support and active players. We have dedicated nights for specific runs. Support? oh yeah...

So are you ready? we'll find out...

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