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08-13-2010, 03:53 PM
I have been not able to get into any pvp matches since the release of season 2. I know there are issues with it. But, I have noticed some people are getting into pvp although they say it is kind of spotty or not as frequent. How are they getting in at all? when I hit the engage button, the pvp window just sits there and does nothing.
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08-13-2010, 04:18 PM
A lot of it has to do with being persistent. I queue up for cap and hold or whichever arena seems most populated and wait. A lot of times the match will pop, I'll hit Engage and it will time out, just stop, have no possible map, or whatever and sometimes it leaves me in the queue while others I have to reenter. It gets old but it does eventually work sometimes.

That being said, my experience so far has only been at the more heavily populated top tiers. If you are trying a ground map (which seems to have fewer people typically) or just trying to level up in one of the lower tiers that could be your problem. Lots of people are having problems there on account of fewer people trying to do PvP. If that's the probably I'm sorry to hear it.
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08-13-2010, 05:09 PM
yeah that makes pretty good sense, thanks for the reply. I am just eagerly awaiting the pvp update
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08-15-2010, 06:06 AM

the PvP is now too much ruined, in the episode 2. Klingons have 2 things to level up and have fun in STO:
PvP and boreing 'do the same quest 10-20 time to level up'. Now, the PvP part is not really working.
The fact is, that klingons now must waiting for 10-30 min. to login the PvP. In episode 1 just 10sec -5 min, mostly under 1 min. . But what is the reason ? Are PvP server too expensive ? I cannot belive it, that you are so unable, or blind to recognize and fix (just throw away the PvP patch) this problem.
The PvP content induced me to try a lot of variety of skills to be better in PvP. After some PvP matches i screw on my ship a bit and play again. Maybe this is not a long-time content, but this hold me in STO for 2-3 month. Im just a casual player, i don't want to wait 30 min. to login the PvP.

Ground combat and ground combat PvP: do not punish STO players with this content. This has a very poor quality!

The most player in STO are older than 20, and the STO itemshop let your reputation fall. You are too greedy
with this low budget game.

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