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08-26-2010, 01:52 PM
Two simple changes I want for Powers bar:

Present system: 4 placeholders exist in your powers bar, so the first power in any kit will always fall on the same hotkey/combo

Change: each kit should have a power layout associated with it.

Ex. My "Normal" kit is squad leader. I have OW=5 rally cry=8 FoMM=9 and PG=0
when I equip "Grenade satchel" 5 becomes "Plasma Grenade" and I want that to be on 0 and FoMM to be 5, so I can easily pull the Cure grenade combo "Stun, Plasma, Photon" with 8,9,0.


This could be a little tougher. my proposal is this:
Each ship in your fleet has a BoFF power layout associated with it.
logically they would be recorded thus:
Each boff station will have 1-4 slots in the tray associated to the station (for Ens-cmd stations)
therefore, if I have a Lt Sci with ST1 and FBP1 and those powers are assigned to Ctrl+3 and Ctrl+4, when I swap that boff for one with, say HE1 and MES1, both of those powers should appear in the Ctrl+3 and Ctrl+4 positions on the bar.

I think the 3 row hot bar should also be extended to include at least the "-" and "=" keys, giving you 6 more combos so that you can have all your weapons and devices and powers visible, and hot-key-able for ppl who prefer to keyboard command and mouse steer, (as opposed to keyboard steer and mouse command)
Lt. Commander
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Here is what I wrote...

Everytime, a player changes ships, all of their buttons are moved around.

Why don't they make it so that skill palette layouts are stored with each ship. That way, when you change ships, you don't have to spend 10 minutes putting all your buttons back where you want them. Each ship will have its own palette that will be appropriate for it. For consistancy, this would be extended to the crew assignment as well. If a crew member is nolonger present, the lost skill will become a blank button on the palette.

Often I find, that I have many ships, but I am reluctant to switch between them, because I know what an enormous challenge it will be. This affects gameplay negatively. I want to change my ships around, occasionally, but I have to pay the price of losing all my settings whenever I do. This means, that I am avoiding doing something that I would like to do in a game that I am supposed to be enjoying. In some ways, it defeats the purpose of even releasing new ships, if people are wary of using them. STO, therefore, would benefit from storing a players settings, either by keeping the palette the same for all of the ships, or saving the palette for each ship that the player has.

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