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# 1 Ougunned Tactics
08-15-2010, 04:24 AM
I like to be Tactic and love to fly my Escort but why is a tactic worse on a escort than a sceintist or engineer?

I mean, it is ok that you have the choice of ships for your gamestyle but fighting against an engineer on a escort ist like fighting a small cruiser (RSP, RSF, etc) and the sceintist is a mix of resitance and debuffing special since you can not remove the debuff of SNB with a sciensteam.

I tried hard to break them up with max of dmg and to cut down thier shild-, weapons- or enginsystem but if the guy can fly and is not a dumb nute --- without critluck: not a real chance to take him down

The Escourt is that ship the Tactic should be the best man and not the worsed. So please give us Tactics our sharp teeth back! I have in mind like that

-> only Tactics have permant increased dmg on a Escort
-> throw the Ensign Slot away and make one of the Lt Slot to a universal Lt Cmd Slot (would be fine if that also is possible on cruiser and sceinsevessel because then a tactic on a cruiser or sceinsvessel would make sence)
-> a Captain Skill with Target Subsystem Warpcore with a little chance for a direc hit that cause a Warpcorebreach

And please let SNB Debuff be removeble via sceinsteam or with intaitive Tactics! And please remove the possibility to train and exchange BO's. A sceintist on a Escort with SNB is bad enough without HYT III or Canon Rapid Fire III !

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