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# 1 Need More things to do
08-15-2010, 11:32 AM
Flashy ship. ok storylines, where are the trade lane for the escorts to help protect, why are there no fleet base mining on a planets so our ships can repaire , or collect crystals for ships to run, why there no klinks able to raid base's near the NZ, anyone else sick of same old same old, new stuff in C-store, spend 15$ on new uniforms. OMG.

How about a real update for some real PVP player, add a real econamy base system, be able to use a trade ship to make run back and forth to resupply starbase's and ship yards. or have the escorts be on escort duty," wow how they miss that", and Fleets be able to construct starbase along the NZ so the can keep an i on them. then klink can get happy to lead raid on them and so can feds.

All im saying storyline in an mmo goes so far, collecting points and emblems are so much fun,

i made 2 feds and 1 klink characters, i'll keep playing the game for now, but i dont think i be spending money on the C-Store and now im kinda wishing i went monthly billin instead of lifetime, ,

just how i feel , great game for about a month, sry for spelling and grammer

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