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bumping........................................... ....
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I'm going to but this fleet back on it's feet.
Kuhr will still be the founder of this fleet. This fleet VEF will be at STO

Vulcan Exploration Fleet

Greetings. This new Fleet is looking for All Species, Specificly "Vulcans and Romulans" who wish to Explore the unknown regions of space. To collect data and chart new star systems. To seek out new civilizations and conquer hostile worlds and destroy enemies of the Federation. To our Romulans brothers. You may join us as well, for our blood is the same. This Fleet Ambitions will be aggressive in nature, for we are at war! In the near future, we will, in time go on a year mission to push STO new Exploration System comeing by years end or early 2011 to its limit! I do qoute:

"ZAM: In the same interview, you admitted a little frustration regarding STO's initial representation of exploration; do you have any plans to build a new mechanic around this aspect of the game, similar to the way Season 2's "Federation Diplomatic Corps" relates to non-combat gameplay?

Stahl: When we all envisioned exploration, the common visual was that you'd be able to point your ship in a direction and keep on going to see what's out there. While we had this vision as well, we failed to deliver on it at launch. What you ended up with is a small box where you fly around and go through random doors.

The team is committed to addressing this. We really want to see exploration be about going into deep space and seeing how far you can get from home before the crew gets homesick. You can look for us to start delivering a new vision for exploration in Season 3."

As STO evolves we will evolve. When the time come, we wlil build a Space Station as our numbers grow...
{VEF} will seek out Alliances for those Fleets who wish to trade and share resources and Energy Credits. Also, Fleets may join us on this journey into Deep Space when the time comes.

If you wish to join this Exploration Fleet or forum an Alliance, please post here or contact us on our new website:

{VEF} Ranking will be simple and based on Federation system. Our Fleet engagements is as follows:

The Fleet main goal will be Exploration. Exploring different Sector Space will be the main goal. When STO launches its new exploring system later on, this Fleet will dedicate 1year into exploring this new system. We will not be returning to base until after the year is up! We, as a Fleet will make sure we have enough resources in our inventories to keep us alive for this journey.

We will be encouraging the Following as well:





Tradeing of resources with other Fleets will be done as well. We will be opening up channels with different Fleets to trade resources and bridge officers in the near future.

Due to recent events with Romulan home world and lack of Vulcans and Romulans ingame, {VEF} is, for the time being opening up its doors to Alien Species. We will look over your charecter traits and see if you fit within our ranks.
if you get this look me up

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