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# 1 Deflectors
11-02-2010, 08:32 AM
I hope the following information assists you in determining how to outfit your ship based on Deflectors.

As probably with most of you, I just can't seem to find the right one.

I have so many different abilities and there are no deflectors that have the variety I need.

Even the MK XI do not give the diverse numbers needed to outfit my ship.

I have searched high and low, in the exchange, in the merit areas (ESD Merit NPC's in the center & Transwarp Hub) and even went back to the ship requisition vendor area in ESD to see if the ranges were better there.

This is an example of how I look at the deflectors and associated ship consoles---------:

I look at my skills while I'm in space and use the deck of cards tab to bring up my skills list on the activation task menu. I have a list with each deflector category. I scroll down to each ability and put a checkmark next to each deflector category as follows:

Modifier Skill Boost
Astrometrics [Ast]
Deflector [Def]
Deflector Dish [DefD]
Deflector Field [DefF]
Emitter [EM]
Hazard System [HS]
Sensor [Sen]
Sensor Array [SenA]
Sensor Probe [SenP]
Spatial Anomoly [Spa]
Photonic Theory [ST] (Why it's not PT is a Mystery)
Tractor Beam [TB]

So I put checkmarks next to the items and come up with something thus:

Deflectors IIII
Deflector Dish III
Deflector Field IIII
Emitter I
Sensors IIII
Sensor Array IIII
Sensor Probes III
Spatial Anomoly
Photonic Theory I
Tractor Beam I
Astrometrics I
Hazard System II

So as you can see most of my powers should be in Deflector, Deflector Field, Sensors, Sensor Array because those are the 4 items that affect 4 of my skills. I want to cap those the most.

Secondly, I want to use the next group that affects the other portion of my skills such as Deflector Dish (DefD] & Sensor Probes [SenP].

Most of the Deflectors do not have (equally) the high output of the first 4 [Def], [DefF], [Sen], [Sen A], I am usually bound to accept a Graviton Deflector (that has inherently high Stat with [DEF] and {DefD]) with [Sen] (Low Stat) and [SenA) (Low Stat) and then use ship consoles for the remainder of my skills such as Sensor Probes.

The inherent problem is that I would like to have high stats across the board for my 4 main categories and lesser stats for my 2nd grouping but there are very few options except to rid myself of the smaller abilities and train my BO's in alike skills to maximize the Deflector output.

The diversity in the options are vast and you can spend a ton of merits, money, and skill points to attain test Deflectors, Ship Consoles, and BO abilities to check out the various functions of each.

I have checked out the Jupiter Broadcast that gives an explanation along with other websites such as Tentonhammer that pretty much tell you that you need them, but nothing about finding the right setup.

I guess it is pretty much left to each Captain on what is the most important skill you want to be able to use against your adversary. Do you wait for the cooldown on just a few powerful skills? Or use several skills and for them not to be very strong, but at least you have many to choose from.

Another situation I run into with another character is Photonic Fleet. It seems that every category affects this skill.

What works for you?

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