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In TNG we saw that Galaxy-class ships have second bridge called a Battle Bridge. It would be neat if at least the Galaxy-class retrofit (which has saucer separation) could make use of the battle bridge while in ship interior mode (while the ship is separated). It could at least be visited by anyone captaining a Galaxy-class (the T4, the X, the T5 with retrofit) as its an "iconic" location on the class.

Thumbs up or thumbs down? The purpose of this thread is to solicit feedback and ideas.
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# 2 Ship Interior addons
08-19-2010, 01:55 AM
It time I see them. Also Shuttle Bays, Arboretum, New Labs, Storage bays, much more. They are officially on hold. Hopes would to see them tied to a secondary skill system. So a person with Cooking would go in his ships and go down to the Kitchen and make some special food for questing even sell it on the auction house.
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08-19-2010, 08:42 AM
Yes, definitly. For those that don't choose the retrofit however, it should be available on standard Galaxy's as well. i.e. you shouldn't have to have the ability saucer seperation to visit it. After all, you'd need to be connected to get there in the first place.

The question, then, is add it to the crew deck, engineering deck, or make it a seperate "room" like the main bridge?

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